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Mad et Len Potpourri Lava Rectangle
Mad et Len Potpourri Lava Rectangle

Mad et Len Potpourri Lava Rectangle

A beautiful selection of lava stones, non-scented, presented in the iconic Mad et Len brushed iron vessel. You can scent the crystals with your desired fragrance oil, creating a unique potpourri experience– or simply enjoy the Totem unscented as an Objet d'Art.

Mad et Len products are handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, in small batches. Handmade steel vessel and black steel lid. The largest size in the Potpourri Apothicaire family. Hand-applied gold foil label.

Includes a 15 mL recharge of your choice--choose one of the following recharges:

  • Graphite Parfume Recharge: The scent of graphite, chalk palette, and wood
  • Spirituelle Parfume Recharge: The scent of cool mint and basil
  • Sang Bleu Parfume Recharge: The scent of sweet rose and dark cassis
  • Terre Noire Parfume Recharge: The scent of earthy soil with soft pine and resins
  • Black Champaka Recharge: The scent of patchouli, gourmand, and woody champaka
  • The Sichuan Parfume Recharge: The scent of citrus with undertones of smoky tea and peppery spices

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