Perfect Fall Candles

Perfect Fall Candles

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At Bellini's, our selection of candles is thoughtfully curated so that no two scents are the same. We take pride in offering a wide variety of scents that will fill your home with the perfect vibe you're looking for. This season, we have taken the liberty of crafting a list of autumn appropriate scents. Ranging in inspiration from fresh pine trees to boozy plum cocktails, we invite you to embrace the season through scent!

Indoor Inspired Scents

For Freshly Made Desserts: Carriere Freres Candied Ginger

The fall season seems to revolve around food, and this candied ginger candle will certainly bring a gourmand inspiration to your home. Balanced with Siberian Pine, this scent is gentle enough to hint at fall while not being overwhelmingly seasonal. Candied ginger provides a taste of bright citrus that adds an effervescent quality to this candle. 

For Swanky Soirees: Moodcast Nightcap

Light up this gourmand candle whenever you're in the mood to indulge in something special. Rich and juicy plum swirls with rum, creating a robust sweetness that perfectly captures the spirit of fall. The intrigue of plum adds a touch of sophistication to the sweetness of vanilla, resulting in a more natural fruitiness that's both calming and cozy. This candle is very plum forward, but you won't feel like it's overly sweet or candied. Sit back and let the delicious aroma fill your home with warmth and comfort.

 For The Indulgent: SAINT Joan of Arc

You might expect a certain scent profile based off the notes for this candle (jasmine and oud), but trust us when we say this candle will blow your expectations away. There is a rich, indulgent creaminess to this candle that is given greater depth with warm amber oud. Together, this candle produces a hint of caramel bound to greenery. The SAINT candles throw quite far, so are a perfect choice for great rooms with lots of people.

For Cozy Coats And Cashmere: Lumira No.352

The temperature changes during fall can take us from one extreme to the next. If you're getting cozy with extra layers, you will enjoy this warm amber scent. Taking inspiration from the multitude of ground spices used in autumn (think cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves), this candle blends warming spices with vanilla and French leather. The blend of everything imparts a softness that reminds us of soft scarves and wool coats.

For The Advent: SAINT Benedict

The fall and winter holidays are often associated with various religious events, and Benedict is perfect for anyone who wants to bring this spirit into their home. The end of the year is certainly a time where we are all getting back together to reminisce and reflect on the months past, and how we want to move forward for next year. This year-end zeitgeist hints towards grounding oneself, and the Ayurvedic impact of this candle is certain to keep you both grounded and present. Both smokey and dry, this candle provides a traditional ecclesiastic scent to add a warmth indoors in contrast to the chill outside.

For Plush Blanket Mornings: Moodcast Homebody

Heavily inspired by the outdoors, this candle offers a cozy twist to pine. The main ingredient, cade, is a resin from the juniper tree which is of the pine family. The smokiness of the juniper resin combined with softening vanilla creates a cozy and cuddly scent, like watching the rain from inside under a plush, hand-knit blanket. This candle provides olfactive warmth for every variation of fall.

Outdoor Inspired Scents

For Crisp Autumn Air: Essence of Harris Adru

If you've ever wanted to bring crisp, fall air into your abode, then you will certainly love Adru. Mixing sandalwood and wild nettle, this candle (and reed diffuser) softly promotes a woody, grassy terrain that is gently dampened by a slight aquatic note. In nature, the scent of the rain conceals other olfactive notes, which is why you might notice that it is harder to discern far-away scents in the rain. This candle evokes a tinge of wet earth that is drying out slightly by a bright autumnal sun.

For Fresh Pine Trees: Carriere Freres Siberian Pine

Did you grow up picking out holiday pine trees with your family? From U-Cut farms to pop-ups in downtown, the scent of pine trees is closely tied to holiday festivities. The scent of vibrantly fresh pine garlands wrapped above crackling fireplaces puts us in a happy place. 

For Festively Decorated Trees: Moodcast Reveler

Taking a slightly different approach to pine trees, Reveler provides a drier throw when compared to Carriere Freres' pine candle mentioned above. While the Carriere Freres candle smells like a fresh pine tree growing out of the ground, Reveler smells more like a slightly dried out - yet very much fragrant - pine tree that has been dressed up. Reveler is more similar to the scent of a fully-decorated pine tree kept indoors. It's a bit more woody than pine needle, yet still has a warmth to it that is perfect for fall and winter. The drier approach to pine makes this candle smell like a winter wonderland. This candle is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a real tree in their home, but wants the festive vibes the scent provides!

For Desert Fall Evenings: Lumira Arabian Oud

As an ode to oud, this candle fits into our outdoor category due to its focus around the smokey resin. For fall, this candle provides a hint of the sultry depth associated with winter scents, but is lightened with the addition of fresh rose. Similar to the evening dusk after a hot day, the cool air runs across heated brick for a unique fragrance - arid, cool, yet suggestive of something more. Roses can round out many scents and provide a gentleness to an otherwise heady note in a similar fashion. The lingering scent of this candle will fill your home with a coziness perfect for fall.

For Nights Around the Fire Pit: Moodcast Sinner

Perfect for chilly evenings, Sinner is like a cool breeze running through fields of warm amber grain. Its rich, smokey aroma is reminiscent of incense and leather - a true smoky leather scent. The spicier notes of incense are perfectly balanced with a touch of vetiver to add a lighter and grassier wood scent. In comparison to Homebody by Moodcast, Sinner is cooler in execution yet still provides warmth that is reminiscent of standing in an old church.

For Familial Bonds: Van Dang Fragrances Night Harvest


Van Dang Fragrances Night Harvest is an intoxicating blend of indulgent tobacco leaves and vanilla. The bewitching, high quality fragrance oils evoke a warm, complex blend of woody, spicy and smoky notes. The full swing of fall is felt in this candle, as the presence of tobacco . Night Harvest was made out of inspiration of ritualistic family gatherings, and is perfect to set the tone for building bonds in social settings.


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