Set Your New Years Intentions With Bellini's

Set Your New Years Intentions With Bellini's

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As we embark on the journey that is 2024, join us in an immersive experience – a celebration of self-care & thoughtful reflection.

But before we focus on what is ahead, let us thank you for a wonderful 2023.

Last year we had a lot to celebrate–


  • 30 years in business in November. (We plan to celebrate 2024 – stay tuned!)
  • 2023 was the first time we took a group of clients to Brittany, France for Thalassotherapy (the essential use of remineralizing seawater in health treatment).
  • We introduced Third Thursdays Sip ‘n Sip once a month to connect with our community & local artists.
  • Eliza completed her two-year esthetician apprenticeship; with Jillian right behind, set to complete her two years in 2024.
  • We were so busy, we needed a retail manager, re-introducing Jesse Runyan back with Bellini’s.
  • Some new faces were introduced as well – Maria, beginning her training to be an esthetician. And Moss, the new marketing lead.
  • Bellini’s introduced some unique to Portland product lines, such as d’Orsay, Saint, and Essence of Harris.
  • We achieved Diamond partner status for the second time with Yonka & were featured with Phytomer as Spa of the Month.
  • And, as always, we were happy to help countless people love their skin more. There is science behind skincare & we are always passionate about finding the right products for the right people so there’s an undeniable visible difference.

    We are so grateful for our clients & customers, you all bring genuine smiles to our faces & couldn't achieve any of the milestones in 2023 without you.

    In 2024, we are culling our values to set forth with more meaning than ever. We are taking pause to set intentions, reflect on how valuable the moment is, and how life is here to enjoy living. Bellini’s is here to help you set your new year’s intentions focusing on fun, nourishment and good habits to restart your year with.

    We are declaring January to be...



     We’re here to help you...


    Set your Intentions


    Take a deep breath. Find your center. Set your

    intentions. Connect to your true self.



    Create the Mood


    Evoke tranquility, restoration, comfort & warmth

    surrounded by love.

    Delight in Self-Care


    The subtle pleasure of personalized care.


      Each Monday of January we will be rolling out a new blog post with self-care practices to improve & inspire your 2024.

      • We are going to start with cleansing. How to clean your face, body & space so you start with a fresh slate & feel better overall.
      • Then we will focus on psychology & the science of balance instead of all-or-nothing thinking.
      • For the Lunar New Year, we will review what we’ve learned so far.
      • Then at the end of the month, get into the power of scent & crystals with intentions.

      So, here's to the unwritten chapters, the unexplored adventures, and the boundless possibilities that await. Happy New Year, and may it be your most captivating story yet.

      Wishing you joy, success, and nourishing care.

      Cheers to the new beginnings!

      Love, Bellini’s


      This blog post was written by Moss Hatheway

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