Carrière Frères Siracusa Lemon Palet

Cultivated for 3,000 years, this citrus fruit originally from Kashmir belongs to the Rutaceae family. It appeared in Europe during the Muslim conquests in the Middle Ages before the Portuguese and Spanish introduced it to America.

An ode to freshness, its fragrance is as invigorating as it is dynamic.

An ideal fragrance for bringing freshness to hot summer nights. Characterized by its acidity, Siracusa lemon is known for its medicinal properties and its fresh, invigorating scent. It helps to:
❖ Fight against depression and poor spirits,
❖ Naturally stimulate and invigorate,
❖ Purify and deodorize the air.

Capacity: 1.95 Fl.oz x 2
Diffusion: at least 6 months
Size: H: 1 cm Ø: 8,7 cm

❖ Keep away from sources of ignition.
❖ Always protect the surface on which the palet rests.
❖ Avoid contact with fabrics.
❖ Do not use for any purpose other than for what this product was intended to.

❖ 100% Vegetable Wax (European Organic Rapeseed)
❖ Blend of natural raw and synthetic fragrances

Paying tribute to botanical research, Carrière Frères is organized around a table of scents that epitomize the natural biodiversity of the plant kingdom: the scented candles regroup a range of single note like perfumes that include exotic, indigenous and aromatic essences unveiled by 18th century’ botanists and explorers. A contemporary take on a prosperous era of discoveries.

With Carrière Frères, perfume and botanical essences become one.