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Mad et Len Potpourri Apothecaire Flat Amber Resin - Terre Noire

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Title Terre Noire

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Mad et Len Terre Noire Scented Amber Potpourri

• Includes One Refill
• Resin Crystals
• Stored in Handmade Blackened Iron Jar
• Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
• Primary Scents: Bark, Earth, Oak, Soil

Materials: Exterior is 100% Metal
Origin: Made in France

Handmade brass vessel and black steel lid. The “classic” size in the Potpourri Apothicaire family. Hand-lettered textured paper label. Includes one 15ml refill dropper. This product is Vegan, Cruelty Free & Handcrafted Ethically.

13cm diameter, 11cm height

Amber is thought to help absorb negative energy and to release bright, soothing energy, helping to calm nerves and enliven disposition like a mental sunny day. Mad et Len uses a sustainable, natural source of amber using vegetal resinoid.

❖ Terre Noire - Earthy soil with soft pine and resins

Remove lid, drop three to ten drops of fragrance on stones depending upon vessel size and scent preference, set lid aside. The lid may be placed partially over the vessel to control scent projection, removed completely, or temporarily.