Mad et Len Potpourri Mini Black Champaka

Mad et Len Potpourri Mini Black Champaka

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Mini Black Champaka potpourri by Mad et Len

Black Champaka carries delicate notes of champaka blooming in the depths of a tropical forest. Immersed in the French apothecary tradition, the artisans use all raw ingredients to formulate the purest essential oils from flowers, woods and spices using timehonored methods. Paying homage to Proust's madeleine from In Search of Lost Time, it evokes dreams about things past and distant lands.

Mad et Len Apothicaire potpourris are presented in black brushed metal pots with a lid.

The fragrance is dispensed by vegetable amber crystals.

BLACK CHAMPAKA : Droplets of Champaka leaf, Volute of Benjoin tears and Balmy Resins powder – MUMBAI VOYAGE

Sold with a 5 ml perfume refill.

Handmade brass vessel and black steel lid.The smallest size in the Potpourri Apothicaire family. hand-applied gold foil label.

Includes one 15ml refill dropper.

9cm diameter, 7cm height