Par Avion Tea Love Spell

Par Avion Tea Love Spell

2 oz./ 57 grams

  • Small Batch Loose Leaf Tea - Love Spell
  • A beautiful black tea with pineapple pieces, vanilla and lemon balm infused with a little bit of magic. The tea blend was specifically formulated to activate the power of attraction. Each tin has a incantation on the back to help you improve a current relationship or to attract someone's attention. Sip and manifest.
  • The perfect amount of sweetness 
  • Produced Using An Artisan Method - Hand-Picked and Sorted To Find Only The Finest Ingredients
  • Responsibly Sourced - Hand Blended With Love In The USA
  • Natural flavors

Black tea, pineapple pieces, calendula + sunflower petals, lemon balm leaves, vanilla


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