Swiss Aromatics Lavander Mallette Essential Oil

Size 15ml

The Plateau de Valensole is the classic growing region for the different Lavandins and also clonal Lavenders such as Maillette. The certified organic Lavender Maillette has been a favorite with our customers for many years now. The Maillette is more assertive than the Fine Lavender and offers an opportunity to use an authentic oil at a substantially lesser cost. 

With its dominant ester of linalyl acetate and a very low camphor content, the aroma of this essential oil noticeably sweeter than most lavenders.

❖ Flowers of the Lavendula angustifolia Maillette
❖ Application: Topical, Inhalation
❖ Certified organic
❖ Bio-authentic
❖ Made in France
❖ 15mL

❖ Lavender Maillette: Reduces stress and assists with wound healing