Essence of Harris Adru Candle

Breathe and take in the aromas of Harris with Adru…
A sensual, indulgent fragrance with top notes of fresh green leaves and bergamot, combines with a warming, rich base of musk, spiced peppercorns, and heartwood sandal to create a creamy, delicate scent.
Inspiration: Inspired by the history and provenance of the island, Adru was the first name given to the Isle of Harris itself, on an ancient map by Greek astronomer Ptolemy. Breathe and take in the aromas of our rugged landscape from the hills in the North, to the rolling peat moorland, and vast glens carved by glaciers.

The scent was inspired by the wild Harris landscape. The wild, rugged hills which stand tall on the island project an array of colors in the fall, with autumnal burnt oranges, browns and greens lining the landscape. These hills are home to an abundance of wildlife with rutting stag roaring, and eagles gliding majestically overhead. There is a sense of wilderness which the island conveys so wonderfully in autumn, and it is this rugged beauty which we have attempted to showcase in our Sandalwood and Wild Nettle candle and diffusers.

Top Notes
❖ Wild Nettle
❖ Bergamot

Heart Notes
❖ Black Peppercorn
❖ Oakmoss

Base Notes
❖ Sandalwood
❖ Musk

Candle Burn Time: ~40 Hours
Candle Dimension: 9 x 7.5 cm
Candle Weight: 220g

❖ Never leave a lit candle unattended, and do not burn one for more than 2 hours at a time.
❖ Always burn a candle until the entire surface liquifies, and allow it to solidify before re-lighting.
❖ Keep the wick trimmed to ¼ inch at all times, to avoid any black smoke. Gently re-position the wick while the wax is still molten.
❖ Always protect the surface on which the candle rests.
❖ Once only ¼ inch of wax remains, blow out the candle and let it fully cool before safely discarding it.

❖ Natural soy wax

The journey of Essence of Harris began in 2015 when founders Jamie and Deenie McGowan were walking along Huisinis beach. They dreamt up a new idea, inspired by the elements of their beautiful island with its rich natural heritage.

Capturing the tranquility and essence of their Scottish island home has been the inspiration behind the business. Inspired by the natural elements throughout the Western Isles they hope their products can bring harmony, evoke memories of past holidays, and help create relaxation when you need it most.

Essence of Harris was born to celebrate what makes this remote area unique, capturing the beauty of their home, the passion of our people and the tranquility of the magical island.