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Mad et Len Potpourri Totem Bleu Grande

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INCLUDES: Sodalite, Calcite Blue, Quartz Crystals and 15ml scented recharge oil. All Mad et Len products are vegan, cruelty-free, handcrafted, made in France.

A beautiful selection of blue crystals, non-scented, presented in the iconic Mad et Len brushed iron vessel. You can scent the crystals with your desired fragrance oil, creating a unique potpourri experience– or simply enjoy the Totem unscented as an Objet d'Art.

Mad et Len products are handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, in small batches. Handmade steel vessel and black steel lid. The largest size in the Potpourri Apothicaire family. Hand-applied gold foil label.

    Blue is associated with the throat chakra.
    ❖ Sodalite is believed to unite logic with intuition and the drive for truth. Used to organize the mind, promote rational thought, objectivity and perception.
    ❖ Calcite Blue is believed to increase and amplify energy (healing, learning and awareness), and is a spiritual cleanser that changes perspective and renews commitment to making change.
    ❖ Quartz Crystals are prized as a healing stone, and is beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection and channeling.

    ❖ Spirituelle - Cool mint tea and zesty basil
    ❖ Night Souk - Transcended Vanilla, Incense, Patchouli
    ❖ Darkwood - Fresh wood with smoky layers of bark and leather
    ❖ Sang Bleu - Dark Cassis and Accent Of Roses
    ❖ Black Champaka - Droplets of Champaka, Volute of Benjoin And Balmy Resins
    ❖ Graphite - Spicy, clean, gently smoky woods
    ❖ The Sichuan - Hesperide, Earl Grey Tea, Citrus Bergamot Orange, Honey Suckle
    ❖ Terre Noire - Earthy soil with soft pine and resins

    Remove lid, drop three to ten drops of fragrance on stones depending upon vessel size and scent preference, set lid aside. The lid may be placed partially over the vessel to control scent projection, removed completely, or temporarily.