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Yonka Gommage Sucre Jasmine Body Scrub

Yonka Gommage Sucre Jasmine Body Scrub

Experience the magical effect of this body scrub with two sugars that turns into milk when in contact with water. Its exquisite texture gently exfoliates the skin, leaving subtle floral fragrances for a relaxing moment. Make this jasmine and tiare flower body scrub a part of your self-care routine for softer skin. 

How to use it: 
• Once to twice a week, apply the body scrub to damp skin. Massage, then rinse with lukewarm water. 
• Apply body scrub to dry skin, using circular movements on areas such as heels, knees and elbows for greater efficacy. Then rinse generously.

Key ingredients:

• Cane sugar, white sugar - exfoliating
 Sunflower oil - nourishing and softening
 Yon-Ka Quintessence - purifying and regenerating 


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