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Yonka Nettoyant Creme

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Exquisite cleansing cream and makeup remover delicately pampers skin.
Our rich cream cleanser and makeup remover is ideal for skin experiencing inflammation, including aging, dry, damaged and sensitive skins. Composed of 85% ingredients of natural origin, this velvety cream is designed with an oil in water emulsion to delicately sweep away all traces of makeup, pollution and impurities on the skin. The pampering formula features two distinct peppermint extracts to cool, refresh and soothe skin. 200ml.
  • Rich pampering makeup remover cream calms sensitive, reactive skin and skin experiencing visible redness.
  • Supremely effective for removal of high-coverage makeup without irritating skin.
  • Oil in water emulsion caresses and comforts dry, damaged skin.
  • Features a botanical blend of peppermint extracts to cool, refresh and soothe skin.