Mad et Len Potpourri Apothecaire Flat Lava Rocks Petite - Spirituelle

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CONTENTS: Lava Rocks. Plus a 15ml recharge oil of Spirituelle. All Mad et Len products are vegan, cruelty-free, handcrafted, made in France.

Handmade brass vessel and black steel lid. The “classic” size in the Potpourri Apothicaire family. Hand-lettered textured paper label.

All of Mad et Len's scent are created in house in the Southern France Alps. Bring back the original taste of things, awaking our primal olfactory and tactile senses from the anesthetized sleep of daily life.

Lava rocks are associated with the root chakra.
❖ Lava rocks provide grounding, focus and balance, materialism and restraint. For those seeking energy and stamina.

❖ Spirituelle - Cool mint tea and zesty basil

❖ Remove lid and drop three to ten drops of fragrance on stones, depending upon vessel size and scent preference, set lid aside.
❖ The lid may be placed partially over the vessel to control scent projection, removed completely, or temporarily.
❖ When the scent has dissipated, simply replace the lid, flip the vessel upside down, and give the crystals a shake. This will re-scent the crystals with the excess essential oil pooled at the bottom.
❖ Placing the scented potpourri near a heat source will extend the throw of the fragrance.
❖ Avoid contact of essential oil with skin. For skin contact, wash immediately with water and soap. For eye contact, flush the eye with water repeatedly.

❖ Natural fragrance oils
❖ Raw crystals, sustainably harvested
❖ Vegan, cruelty-free, handcrafted, made in France

Named after Proust’s “madeleine”, where the author recalls how the taste of even a little crumb of a madeleine cake makes him remember many things, MAD et LEN is analogous to the power that scent evokes. Based in Saint Julien de Verdun in the South of France, each vessel is handcrafted to the highest extent. Hand harvested raw materials are turned into essential oils and perfumes, and are then housed in individually hammered iron containers.