Best Gourmand Perfume for Fall

Best Gourmand Perfume for Fall

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Fall is many peoples, favorite season, and what’s not to love? You get the best of both winter and summer in one! To begin the joyous autumn season, we wanted to share some of our best perfumes for fall. While there are many different types of fragrance in this article, we will be focusing primarily on gourmand perfumes. 

Gourmand perfumes are mouthwatering sense with addictive notes at tend to smell edible, such as cotton candy, almonds, coffee, honey, vanilla and dried fruits. We feel that gourmand perfumes are very representative of fall because of the increase of holidays were more food is being baked and consumed and there’s a lot more intimate, cozy nights.

Some people say there is no greater relaxation that to be sitting inside on a cold day with a cup of cocoa (or maybe hot cider). These experiences have influenced perfumers for generations to replicate these moments in fragrance form. We feel very proud to have the collection of fragrance that we carry in store because of the variety of compositions, and we know that you will find something that you will love. It should also be noted that we have taken the liberty to stretch the boundaries of gourmand with our selection. Our store carries dozens of unique, niche fragrances that are sometimes hard to pin into one category, such as with Chypre Shot, a gourmand chypre fragrance.

With that being said, let us begin our fall perfume collection, lovingly dubbed Flavors of Fall. 

Bright Gourmands

Chypre Shot by Olfactive Studio

Chypre Shot smells like mulling spices in apple cider or hot wine. It’s got a sweet spiciness to it that brings it into gourmand territory, as opposed to just purely chypre. This one really smells like fall outside with a party in the distance.

Vanilla Shot by Olfactive Studio

Vanilla Shot has a true edible, smelling vanilla boosted with dried fruits. Vanilla shot smells like caramel and vanilla extract with a soft touch of rose. It is fall, but still has an airiness to it that keeps it from being restricted to only autumn.

Vetyver Bucolique by Mad et Len

Vetyver Bucolique is a lighter gourmand, and certainly leans more into a hay and grassy aspect, considering it revolves around vetiver; however, the addition of black honey offers a grassy sweetness that is representative of fall. On dry down, it certainly has more grassy than gourmand notes, but we wanted to put this in here for someone who is interested in expanding their woody, grassy fragrances with a touch of sweetness.

Chemical Love by Olibere Paris

Next up is Chemical love, which is a sensory experience for sure. The rum and vanilla notes of Baileys Irish Cream is guided by the bitter orange and cocaine in the top notes. This is a very unique gourmand that has a freshness to it, while also hinting at great depth that reveals itself overtime.

Oriana by Parfums de Marly 

To wrap up the lighter gourmands, we have Oriana by Parfums de Marley. The use of grapefruit keeps this one bright while the addition of Chantilly Cream provides the scent of a yummy, fruity dessert. This one is really delicious to wear on date nights.

Darker Gourmands

We will now start to cover our more traditional gourmands, that consist of edible notes, such as honey, vanilla, or coffee.

Close Up by Olfactive Studio

Moving into a more intense fragrance, we have Olfactive Studio's Close Up. In contrast to traditional coffee fragrances, this perfume uses unroasted green coffee to keep it fresh. Supported by white tobacco and Tonka bean to provide a warm honey-like and aromatic sweetness. This one smells like you just had a fresh shower, revolving around fall scents. 

Mystic Experience by Initio Prives Parfums

For a more roasted coffee influence, take a whiff of Initio's Mystic Experience. Revolving primarily around musk and coffee this fragrance is dark, woody, and smokey while still maintaining a softness that keeps it approachable for everyday. It smells like someone beautiful is sipping a really good cup of coffee nearby. 

Absolute Aphrodisiac by Initio Prives Parfums

Absolute Aphrodisiac smells like fall desserts. While Oriana smells like a fruity dessert, Absolute Aphrodisiac smells like baked goods warmed by amber. While not a soliflore, this fragrance does primarily revolve around the vanilla note that is wonderful to wear in cooler temperatures.

Herod by Parfums de Marly

While vanilla is a very common base note and fragrance, there is a spectrum of how it can be presented as well. A different direction for vanilla to take is present in Parfums to Marly’s Herod. Upon spraying, notes of tobacco take hold and offer a dark sweetness that is carried through to the base with vanilla. This is a darker vanilla than the other ones we have mentioned earlier.

Haltane by Parfums de Marly

On the more woodsy side of our list, Haltane uses pralines to offer a sweeter rendition of oud. Traditionally, Oud is quite woody since it is a resin, but Haltane has been able to alter this perception with the addition of nuts and botanicals that add a sweeter, slightly fresh lightness not traditionally found with Oud perfumes. 

Kalan by Parfums de Marly

On a very different note, Kalan is a spicy gourmand that uses candied blood orange and tonka beans to offer a complete alternative to traditional gourmands. On the body, this heats up very differently with your personal chemistry, so we urge you to try this out for yourself.

We want to take this moment to give a shout out and honorable mention to Initio's Side Effect, which is universally appraised as a gourmand fragrance. We did not include it in this list because we enjoy exploring the different ways fragrances can approach a scent profile. If you enjoy a full array of gourmand notes in your fragrance, such as vanilla, rum, cinnamon and tobacco, you will certainly enjoy Side Effect.

All of these fragrances are available at our boutique and online store. Any full size fragrance purchase also provides you with a sample of your selected scent to play with before opening your full bottle. That way, you can experience it in different situations, temperatures, and emotions to determine how much you love your fragrance.

What is your favorite fragrance to wear in the fall? Have you switched up your favorite over the years? Let us know in the comments below!

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