Black Lives Matter!

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We've always been in support of Black Lives Matter but I feel at this time that just to talk about support is not enough--it has to be followed up with action. Each of us, each organization and individual, can carry a piece of that change in the community. My passion has always been in helping women feel good about themselves and I believe that when you have this kind of systemic oppression that greatly undermines the self-confidence and esteem of young women of color. We are looking for organizations and things that we can do in order to have a long-term active positive impact. We really want to do something on a continual basis. And we welcome your suggestions--we are currently looking into Brown Girls Rise (a local Portland organization) as one organization that we have reached out to and would like to partner with. Thank you to everyone who has been raising their voices about this very important issue! I like the gumption, the narrative, and how younger people have been pushing for change and leading the change.


Sonia Bellini
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