How to treat and prevent mask-ne

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With Covid 19 come masks, with masks comes mask-ne. A Lot of us are experiencing sensitivities to wearing masks. The longer you need to wear them especially in the summer the more likely you are to to have issues. The N95, surgical and thicker masks create humidity around the mouth as we exhale moisture from our breath.

I recommend linen masks if your circumstances allow for the summer as they are cooler. Think of people in the Caribbean wearing linen during the heat. 

For people required to wear surgical or N95 for their jobs when not at work try to use a linen mask.  As each skin is different there is not a one size fits all solution. If your skin is tending to be inflamed acne under the  mask use cool compresses when you wash your face and change your moisturizer to something that is light and calming. Basically, we want to get the heat out of your skin. 

If your skin is clogged and oily then use a Clarisonic and AHA/ BHA solution designed for acne  that helps dissolves clogging and rapidly exfoliates the skin following that with a light moisturizer. Using a clay mask a few times a week will also help keep it under control.  

Wash your mask daily, do not wear makeup under your mask. When washing your masks use perfume free washing detergents as the constant rubbing with the residue of your washing detergent can be irritating. 

These solutions should help when wearing masks daily.

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