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Clean, shiny, soft and lustrous hair can come from natural products. The Rahua hair care line crafts products with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients and minimal impact on the environment. Free of harsh detergents, like sulfates (SLS), Rahua products lather lighter lather than traditional hair products but the difference is so slight that you may not even notice. 

The Rahua® (ra-wa) name is derived from the rare ungurahua nut, found in the Amazon rainforest. Rahua oil is a highly effective treatment for transforming dry, damaged hair, giving it noticeable shine and health and nourishing and soothing skin.

To us, there is nothing more natural or beautiful than the bounty of the Amazon rainforest. Rahua's goal is to use this bounty—safeguarded by its indigenous peoples—to create the cleanest and greenest beauty products on earth. Rahua is an outgrowth of our founders’ activism on behalf of the rainforest and its peoples and is only as strong as the tribes and the forest itself. We purchase direct from tribespeople who cultivate ingredients using ancient traditional methods and and pay them a higher price in order to honor and sustain their work, their way of life, and the forest itself.

The majority of other oil-based products use chemical fillers and silicones, which coat your hair, providing short-term results. Rahua® products are made with pure handmade oils and organic and plant-derived ingredients. Rahua® oil has an extraordinarily small molecular structure, which deeply penetrates the hair, bonding to and repairing the cortex, while smoothing the cuticle to create lustrous and healthy hair.

All Rahua® products are formulated and made in the USA using plant-derived ingredients sourced from over 70 countries and Symbiotic® ingredients come from over 10 Amazonian nations.

Not only will you be helping your hair, you'll also be helping the rain forests where the products sustainably come from. 

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