What Type of Facial Should a Man Get?

What Type of Facial Should a Man Get?

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Why Should Men Get Facials?

And how are men’s skincare lines different than other skincare lines?

Men have thicker skin than women. This isn’t the only difference between the sexes skin. Men have testosterone running through their veins. This hormone effects the sebaceous glands or sebum glands. Sebum is a huge factor in acne, this is why acne and larger pores are more common in men. Men also shave their face more than women which leads to razor burn and ingrown. We can help soothe and keep those pesky ingrown at bay. Men just like women though are susceptible to the elements, UV exposure, and internal aging. Facials are a great way to work with a professional and have healthy, radiant skin that will last with you your lifetime.

What To Expect

During the facial there are 3 main parts that are completed. The first being cleansing and analyzing. Your esthetician will cleanse you skin and start looking under the magnifying lamp while they ask you questions about your routine, lifestyle, goals, etc. We have many options of treatments focusing on everything from sensitivity, acne, lack of radiance, to just needing some help on where to start. All these questions and what we see on the skin will help us to choose which of these treatments will be best for you and your goals.

After we decide which treatment, we go into the 2nd portion which is exfoliation, steam, and extractions. Here we will decide what is going to be the best exfoliation for your skin, and really begins the customization process of the facial. Depending on what we see on the skin and want to achieve we will decide scrub vs microdermabrasion, an enzyme or acid if necessary. You will sit under steam for about ten minutes or so.

After getting the skin cleansed and exfoliated, we will extract any clogging of your pores. We will put you under steam for about. 10-15 minutes to help open those pores. This part can be a little uncomfortable but at Bellini’s we take extra time to train on extractions so we can make them as quick and painless as possible. This is where we can also tackle ingrown hairs if necessary.

Finally, we will finish up with massage and finish up with a mask that is custom to your needs and goals. Our massage helps to wake up the muscles and get blood flowing. It also naturally increases ATP or the energy source for cells making them more available to do their jobs. The mask is our final touch in the facial process, here we will let you sit and relax for about 10 minutes while we step out and pick recommendations based on what we talk about and saw during your treatment. After the mask is removed, we’ll apply a moisturizer and SPF depending on time of day.

Once you are done with the treatment, we will go over products with you that will continue the work we started that day and talk about what a good cadence of treatment will be. Treatments like facials are important but the biggest thing is going to be staying consistent with your home care. We are here to work with you and get your skin to be the most radiant it can be.

Follow Up and Home Care 

Home care is one of the biggest pieces of good skin. Imagine getting your car professionally cleaned and then never wiping it down or taking any trash out until the next time you decide to go in. This is how we should think of our skin, the professional treatment is thorough cleaning and the time make any necessary adjustments to products depending on needs or season.

Having good products at home that are providing the progress towards or the intended results will get you to your goals that much faster. Everyone has different needs for their skin as well, this changes how often someone might have to come in. If you and your esthetician are working on a specific skin condition, like acne or pigmentation, they might recommend you coming in more frequently to really tackles these. Once the skin is balanced and you have a good home routine you could push these out to at least once a season. This is tied back into making necessary changes in routine and making sure it’s still balanced. 

The Non-Negotiable Steps

Your esthetician is there to work with you in creating a realistic and achievable routine at home. There are a few steps however that are non-negotiable, these would be a cleanser, toner, exfoliation, moisturizer, and SPF.

From these 5 steps we can cocktail the best routine for your needs. Cleansing the skin is a no-brainer, we need to get that dirt and grime off the skin. Many men make the mistake of using bar soap or body wash as their facial cleanser. This strips the skin, making the pH of the skin more alkaline causing water loss and discomfort. Getting a proper facial cleanser is the best first step.

Exfoliation helps keep the dead skin at bay, it used in the form of a scrub done a couple times a week or something used daily like a serum.

Toner helps to rebalance our pH on the skin and to soothe after one shaves. Our skin needs to be a certain pH to have the products you’re using properly penetrate the skin.

Men already have a 25% thicker epidermis, top layer of the skin, so we must make sure it is ready to accept the different creams or serums they are using, if we want to see results.

Skincare For Men

Two of our lines that we carry have specific lines for men. These lines have taken into consideration the differences between men and women’s skin, making sure these formulations will be penetrating and giving results. These products are wonderful for tackling multiple things in one. Making that time spent in the bathroom as little as possible if needed. They do stick to the main pillars of the routine we talked about earlier, cleanser, toner, exfoliation, moisturizer, both having shaving masks as well. What’s not to love?

YonKa For Men

Phytomer Homme

Foam Gel – *cleansing, purifying, refreshing, no greasy film, non-comedogenic, non-drying*

Soothing – licorice root

Purifying – copper & iris

Refreshing – quintessence, peppermint, patchouli

Global Pur – *Freshness cleansing gel, that cleanses, purifies, preps the skin for shaving*

marine oxhylium – coralline officinalis – red algae that oxygenates, detoxifies, revitalizes the epidermis,

Marine oligosaccharides – seboregulating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory 

Foam Scrub – *fight dull complexion & polish the skin, combat ingrown hairs, tighten pores*

Soothing – licorice, Exfoliator – bamboo silica

Purifying/Astringent – copper & iris

Oxygenating/Brightening – quintessence, citrus, patchouli 

Rasage Perfect – *Shaving mask, long lasting hydration, smooth close shave, slide easily w/o irritation*

Marine Oxhylium - coralline officinalis – red algae that oxygenates, detoxifies, revitalizes the epidermis

Pheohydrane – brown algae, structures the hydrolipidic film, traps H20 in tissue. 

Barber Shave – *soothing shaving cream, softens hairs, prevents irritation, sensitive skin okay, for tough beards*

Softening/Hydrating – allantoin, aloe vera, vegetal glycerin

Nourishing/Softening – sweet almond oil,

Anti-Inflammatory/Hydraiting – vitamin B5

Refreshing/Purifying – quintessence, citrus, patchouli, peppermint

Aqua Optimal – *Face & eye soothing moisturizer, non-oily, hydrate, soothe, revitalize, post-shave*

Weaving algae - restructure h20 resovoir

Laminara digitata – sooth anti-inflammation

Absolute Marine mattifier (EPS) limit sebum production, anti-red

Marine Oxyhlium – red algae, oxygenates, detoxifies, revitalize epidermis, 

Lotion YK – *revitalizing aftershave, soothe razor burn, antiseptic, no greasy film, skin & mood booster*

quintessence, lime, orange, lemon, grapefruit 

Age Optimal – *Face & Eye Wrinkle Smoothing, mattifies, smoothes, energizes, decongests eyecontour*

AMM – absolute mairne mattifier – mattify, reduce sebum

Marine Oxhylium – coralline officinalis -  red algae, boosts cell vitality high mineral & oligoelement content

Marine Criste – “retinol like” cell regeneration, collagen production,

Delesseria Sanguinea – red algae, micro circulation 

Age Defense – *Hydrating, Anti-Aging, Smooth lines/wrinkles, antipollution, AOX, non-greasy, absorb quickly*

Regenerating – vit. A, Mimosa tenuiflora

Nourishing/Softening – baobob oil (fatty acids), olive phytosqualane

Hydrating – impereata cylindrica

Soothing – bisabolo

Anti-Pollution – moringa extract

Antioxidant- vitamin c & e

Anti-Inflam/Hydrating – Vitamin B5

Citylife – *Face & Eye, Anti-pollution cream, tired dull skin, helps pigmentation*

CitySafe – 3 marine sugars working on hydration, melanin production and increasing cell vitality

Palmaria Palmata – red algae, decongestant

Eternelle Marine – Antioxidant from an ancestral blue algae, boosts your own thioredioxin

Oligomer – remineralizing, boosting cell energy vitality, 

Nutri-Cream – *Protecting, energyzing, quickly absorbed, environmental protection*

Hydrating – grapefruit

Antioxidants – Vit. C & E

Regenerating – Vit. A

Anti-inflam/hydrating- Vit. B5

Nourish/Protect – marrow * olive pit


Under Eye Gel - *No dark circles, no puff, repair eye contour, great for computer workers*

Draining – arnica, cypress nut,

Decongesting – roman chamomile essential oil,

Soothing – carrot essential oil

Regenerating AOX – mimosa tenifluria


Common Questions

Q: How should men prepare for a facial and what to do afterwards? What to do about facial hair, should I shave?

When it comes to men’s facial hair, we want the products to be able to penetrate the skin so shaving or trimming is recommended. However, we do recommend doing this at least the night before your appointment. Shaving is a form of exfoliation and can leave the skin more sensitive to different acids or enzymes used in the treatment. If you are someone who does have extra sensitive skin do so a couple of nights before. Life happens though and if you do shave morning of your appointment just let your esthetician know so we can make any adjustments as needed!

Q: Should I wear any skincare products to the facial?

A big question people have is if they should wear anything on their face to their appointment or do their routines still. The best answer is: it depends on the time of your appointment. If you’re going in for an early morning appointment you don’t need to worry about putting anything on, we will cleanse the skin and get your ready for the day, in the evening though it’d be good to do a simple routine avoiding a lot of actives (AHA’s, Salicylic acid, retinol, glycolic). If your appointment is mid-day or evening, then we suggest doing your normal morning routine. If it’s a mid-day stop do a simple routine avoiding actives. If you’re ending your day with a facial, then don’t worry about washing that evening and start the next day with your routine. Your esthetician will go over the order of your products and how to use them.

Start your skincare journey with us. Book a consultation or facial appointment today. Call 503.226.1526 to get started.

This post was written by Advanced Aesthetician, Jillian Conover. 

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