Dive Deep Into Body Care

Dive Deep Into Body Care

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Take a moment to reflect on how your body feels in this moment. Notice if there are areas of dryness, tenderness, or irritation. Even if your body feels perfectly fine, do you think it could feel better? 

It's important we treat the skin on our bodies, too, and not just focus on our faces. While our bodies are often covered in clothes while our faces are not, caring for your body involves more than just moisturization. As with all skincare, there is a secret benefit provided: self care.

Taking the time to care and pamper yourself goes a long way, even if it doesn't feel like it in the moment. Your actions tell yourself that you deserve to be treated well, and deserve time to yourself. Think of caring for your body as an extension of your me time, and give yourself a spa experience at home while also benefiting from our wonderful collection of shower, bath, and body care.

Shower Collection

The main goal of a shower gel or body wash is to clean your body without depleting your skin of lipids, or throwing your pH out of wack. All of our shower gels provide a thorough cleaning while respecting the integrity of your skin. When you use a product that deplete your natural oils, it will throw your pH out of balance, thus leading to even more dehydration. 

Phytomer Moisturizing Shower Gel

Take your skincare down to your body! This shower gel helps to nourish your skin and prevent premature aging.

The seawater concentrate Oligomer® is a worldwide exclusive ingredient for which Phytomer has held the production secret for 50 years. This incredible natural ingredient delivers the remineralizing properties of seawater to the skin, to fortify and revitalize it with energy. 

Utilizing this powerful ingredient, Phytomer's Oligomer Well Being Sensation Shower Gel nourishes, moisturizes, and refreshes the skin and leaves it feeling revived and rejuvenated.

This delicate and bubbly shower gel deeply cleanses and hydrates while improves water retention in the skin long term when used regularly. You can read more about how Oligomer is able to do this in our blog A Cure In The Water here.

How To Use

Apply with gentle circular motions over entire body. Rinse and follow with application of your favorite body cream (see our suggestions below). Avoid contact with the eyes.

Eau D'italie LE Sirenuse Positano Shower Gel 

Have you ever wanted to instantly transport yourself onto an Italian vacation? Inspired by the enchanting aromas of the Mediterranean and the refined charm of Hotel le Sirenuse, Eau d'Italie's Shower Gel bottles an Italian vacation into an every day shower gel. Now you can lightly fragrance your body with a bubbly take on earl gray.

Initially a secret between those in the know, Eau d’Italie quickly traveled from the iconic Le Sirenuse Hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Positano to become a global sensation. Eau d’Italie works with the greatest perfumers in the world to create dynamic fragrances which are always contemporary, always original, always inspiring.

How To Use

Can be used as a gently cleansing shower gel.

Bellini's Tip: Try this as a luxurious bubble bath!

ILES Formula Hair + Body Cleanse

This body wash is also great for your scalp! Have you noticed little flakes on your scalp, or eyebrows? While dandruff is an internal medical condition (yeast overproduction), this body wash helps lessen the topical signs of seborrheic dermatitis. Perfect for the home or gym, this formula addresses the hair, scalp and skin aging at a cellular level.

An all-in-one vitamin compound of B3, B5, B6, C and E are all vitamins which are known to have a beneficial, protective effect on the skin and scalp whilst also strengthening the hair. This is a great option for men, kids, and anyone interested in an effective two-in-one product!

How To Use

Hair Cleanse
  • Apply to very wet hair.
  • Massage and add more water to activate an indulgent lather.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Body Cleanse

  • For an optimal experience, use with the antioxidant Iles Formula Body Sponge to activate the lather.
Bellini's Tip: This is a great option to topically treat seborrheic dermatitis on the skin.

Jurlique Shower Gels

Achieve clean, nourished skin while maintaining essential oils and enhance your bathing experience with Jurlique's natural body washes. Effectively remove impurities and indulge with these revitalizing shower gels.

How To Use

Apply one pump of the shower gel into your hands, or a body exfoliator such as a loofah or Renaissance Glove. Lather a generous amount onto damp skin before rinsing thoroughly. For a complete sensory experience, follow with the matching Jurlique Body Lotion mentioned later in the article. 

Restoring: Lemon, Geranium, and Clary Sage

Do you need a mental boost? Feel the invigorating and nourishing effects of Jurlique's Restoring shower gel, boasting lemon balm, chamomile, and calendula extracts - uncover its ability to balance oiliness and revive your skin's irresistible smoothness. Restore your skin's radiance and freshness while also relaxing the body and mind.

Calming: Lavender

Gently cleanse your skin with this soap-free shower gel. Jurlique's Calming shower gel contains chamomile and calendula extracts to preserve your skin's protective layer. Your skin will feel smooth, hydrated, and refreshed. Ideal for sensitive skin. 

 Softening: Jurlique Rose

Did you know that rose has been shown to improve mood for post menopausal women? Some studies have found it may also help balance the hormones that contribute to hot flashes.

Why not try it out for yourself? Experience a refreshing shower gel that leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Its heavenly natural Rose fragrance soothes the senses. Aloe Leaf and Honey extracts restore moisture and help smooth and rebalance dryness.

Which Shower Gel Is Right for Me?

Skin Condition:

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Preventative Skincare

Light Fragrance

Post Menopausal Mood Enhancer

Morning Mood Enhancers for Alertness

Bath Collection

Remineralizing Relaxing Bath

We want to mention this one first, since this product can be used both as a bubble bath or a shower gel.

This lightly foaming, ultra-relaxing fragranced bath creates an unparalleled stress-relief experience. Enriched with OLIGOMER® to restore the skin's trace elements, it helps to release tension, while also strengthening the skin. It is ideal for anyone feeling stressed, tense, or tired. You can use this every day to quickly and simply add a relaxing element to your routine.

 How To Use

Dilute a small quantity of product in bathwater - it will not tint the water. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

Phyto Bain

Although bain is the French word for bath, this invigorating oil can be used in both shower and bath to help you recover at the end of a long day. Its relaxing fragrance will soothe your body while relaxing your mind. Featuring Yonka's Quintessence of lavender, thyme, geranium, rosemary, and cedar, this beautiful blend distills much of what makes Yonka so special. This scent is inspired by Provence's natural riches, as seems to transport you to a more peaceful state of mind.

  • Well loved by all skin types
  • Firming and invigorating
  • Slims, drains, tones, and firms your skin
  • Blood flow activator provides a draining effect
  • Balances the skin for optimal hydration

How To Use

Place tired legs into a lukewarm bath with Phyto bain for soothing relief, or try it with warm water to detox and relax.

Bellini's Tip: Take a quick load off with a 20 minute foot bath. Add one lid full of Phyto Bain to cold water to soothe heavy legs and feet. This will also help soften rough feet over time when done on a weekly basis.

OLIGOMER PURE Individual Sachet

Turn your skincare into a reason for "me time." Much more than a simple bath, Oligomer is scientifically proven to soothe the skin, reduce fatigue, and improve well-being. It remineralizes and energizes the body and is ideal for stressed, tense, or tired bodies. Adding this product to your bath will provide therapeutic relief, while also strengthening your skin. This provides you with all the benefits of a swim in the ocean from the comfort of your home. 

 How To Use

  • Add into water while running bath (ideally  98°F). Do not apply to still water, as the powder may create a heat reaction on contact with skin.
  • Soak in the bath for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Take a cool shower to rinse your body
Bellini's Tip: Lay down for about 20 minutes to allow the minerals to benefit your cells.

    Oligomer Contouring Bath Sachet

    Are you working on your figure? Phytomer's contouring bath salts use seaweed extracts to help define your body's natural curves. This innovating bath mix combines the sodium reduced seawater concentrate, Oligomer, with slimming seaweed extracts to provide a contouring bath that also provides vitality to the body. It is able to help reshape the figure using Lipolytine, a brown algae extract that promotes the breakdown of fat, while also strengthening and energizing your epidermis with Oligomer. Clinical tests have found the continued use of the Oligomer Contouring Bath improved fat breakdown by more than 219%.

     How To Use
    • Add into water while running bath (ideally 98°F). Do not apply to still water, as the powder may create a heat reaction on contact with skin.
    • Soak in the bath for 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Take a cool shower to rinse your body

    Bellini's Tip: Apply one of Phytomer's contouring creams after your bath to boost the contouring effectiveness of both the cream and bath!

    Rose-Chamomile Hydrating Essence 

    Are you experiencing hot flashes? Is your body temperature high and making you uncomfortable? The essential oils of rose help to take the heat off your skin while also offering space for mental relaxation.

    Stimulate your senses while rebalancing and calming your skin. After your bath, you will notice your skin is glowing from inside out. You will notice your skin is left feeling calmed, cooled, refreshed, and radiant. The light fragrance is an appealing herbaceous-floral that nurtures and uplifts the senses.

     How To Use

    Add 10 drops of Jurlique's Rose-Chamomile Hydrating Essence to both restore moisture and cool your skin.

    Bellini's Tip: You can also add a few drops into a bowl of warm water and prepare a warm and aromatic compress. Apply the damp cloth over your face and neck - relax and enjoy the aroma.

    Which Bath Product Is Right for Me?

    Helps Slim The Figure

    Refreshes Tired Bodies

    Relieves Hot Skin and Provides a Mental Refresh

    Body Treatment for Better Skin Health

    Mood Enhancers and Body Relaxant

    Body Collection

    Yonka Lait Hydratant Lavender

    This nourishing and repairing body milk penetrates the skin quickly and leaves no oily residue, so you don't have to think about what clothes to wear after or where you'll sit to avoid staining. It is also a great option for your hands and feet. This body moisturizer/lotion utilizes grape seed and sweet almond oil to provide immediate comfort and nourish the skin, while also providing immediate comfort to even the most dry and sensitive skin.

    • Great for anyone with sensitive skin
    • Lightweight lotion for feet
    • Hydrates, softens, and repairs the skin
    • Blood flow activator provides a draining effect
    • Balances the skin for optimal hydration

     How To Use

    Morning and or evening. Apply Lait Hydratant on the body, massaging gently to penetrate the skin. If you have dry or cracked skin on your feet, you will greatly benefit from the Lait Hydratant's regenerative properties.

    Bellini's Tip: Double up on your body moisture by applying one of Yonka's dry oils on after your Hydratant. It is also great to use post wax or hair removal!

    OLEOCREME Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk

    Have you ever thought about how the skin on your body ages over time? This body lotion is the ideal anti-aging product for your body and is a great lotion to start using after 25 years old. After 25, the cells in our body begin to slow down and need an extra boost of energy to continue their tasks - that's where Oleocreme comes in handy. By dousing your cells with oligomer, and thus the minerals they need to function, you keep your skin in top working order and prevent premature aging.

    Experience a perfect combination of comfort and lightness with this moisturizing milk-cream hybrid. Lightweight moisture provides intensely softening nourishment for dry areas without a heavy feeling or sticky dry down. This feels like you've taken the skincare on your face down to your body.

    Eco-friendly Mekabu oil reinforces cell cohesion and the epidermal-dermal connection to limit water loss. By improving this connection point deep in the skin, this body lotion enables hydration action at all levels of the skin and leaves your skin supple and comfortable all day long.

    How To Use

    Apply twice a day to the entire body. Reapply to any areas needing additional moisture, such as elbows, hands, feet, and knees.

    Priori Adaptive Skincare LCA Hand and Body Replenisher

    Do you have little bumps along the sides of your arms? Sometimes referred to as chicken skin, these bumps are medically known as keratosis pilaris, and are result when your hair follicles become blocked with a build-up of keratin. Thankfully, these are treatable when using proper body care, like Priori!

    This ultra-luxurious emulsion adapts to all your needs – providing your skin with a customized treatment that gently exfoliates, while moisturizing and providing essential antioxidants for softer, smoother appearance.  Consider this a corrective, intensive body cream that helps reduce imperfections, including breakouts, stretch marks, pigmentation, dry skin and ingrown hairs.

      How To Use

      Apply liberally to all areas of the body as needed, and massage into skin. Use once or twice daily.

      Bellini's Tip: Apply post hair-removal to prevent ingrown hairs & folliculitis, to the back of your arms to target keratosis pilaris or use as a hand cream for dry or sun damaged hands.

      Strengthening Moisturizing Body Cream

      Have you begun to notice little wrinkles appearing along your arms? . If you notice bruises that seem to last forever (also known as dermatoporosis), you are most likely in need of something to help thicken your skin. As we age, the skin on our body naturally becomes thinner and more prone to bruising. Anyone over the age of 45 will benefit from incorporating this body cream into their routine.

      This cream has an intense dose of Oligomer, which helps you body healing process. Because your body cells need energy to perform their functions (such as healing, or developing even pigment), the high percentage of Oligomer in this body lotion not only helps thicken your skin to decrease bruising, it also improves your overall density and tautness to decrease wrinkles and slackening. Overtime, your skin will feel stronger, softer, and less transparent!

      Take a spa break at home and discover the richness of the sea. Phytomer's Well Being Body Cream moisturizes and strengthen your epidermis for immediately more comfortable and supple skin. When used regularly, this body lotion improves your skin's natural moisturizing factors, which leaves the skin better able to protect itself from dehydration.

      This replenishing lotion provides the skin with minerals and trace elements in a single step to help stress tense or tired bodies.

      In addition, the Well Being Sensation body cream helps bind water to the surface of the skin, thanks to a brown algae extract. This extract fights against external aggressors, while repairing your skins hydrolipidic film to restore hydration. The addition of shea butter boosts these marine effects while extending the long lasting hydration, and leaving your skin feeling soft, silky, and comfortable.

       How To Use

      Apply daily to the body after shower or bath.

      Bellini's Tip: This product is great for mature skin! Know anyone with a birthday coming up that would love this?

      Jurlique Body Lotions

      Restoring: Lemon, Geranium, and Clary Sage
      Uplift your spirit with the alluring fragrance of Lemon, Geranium and Clary Sage. It is enriched with hydrating and protective elements to leave your skin rebalanced and reinvigorated. As an added bonus, this lotion features antioxidants that help defend against environmental aggressors and reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and dull skin. Try out this lotion if you want your glowing skin will feel velvety soft.
      Calming: Lavender
      Give your skin the luxurious feeling of silk and lasting hydration with this nourishing blend of Macadamia Seed, Avocado, and other plant-based oils. With the addition of Evening Primrose Oil, your skin is provided with natural antioxidants and fatty acids that promote balance and protection, while Lavender Essential Oil provides a gentle relaxing aroma. Your skin will feel velvety soft and completely replenished!

      Are you feeling stressed out? Rose has been shown to release mention tension to decrease stress, and when applied through this light moisturizer you are sure to feel a complete sense of relief.

      Experience the luxurious and invigorating aroma of roses when you indulge with this lavish body lotion. Its velvety formula, featuring Macadamia Seed, Avocado oils, and botanicals from the Jurlique Farm, will be quickly absorbed and your skin will be softer and silkier. The unique blend of Jurlique Rose is ideal for protecting the skin's barrier and for trapping in moisture, leaving you with a healthier and brighter complexion. Viola Tricolor extract will guard you from outside elements while Chamomile nurtures your skin, bringing back your glowing youthful luster.

      SEATONIC Stretch Mark and Firming Oil

      Are you seeing stretch marks, or looking for something to prevent them? You can reduce or help prevent stretch marks with Phytomer's Seatonic!

      Suitable to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding (take note to avoid chest when breastfeeding). Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched or shrunken quickly, but, although bodies change naturally over time, the development of most stretch marks is preventable (there are a few genetic factors that may play a role in this).

      By improving water retention and keeping the skin thick, via stimulating protein synthesis to thicken the skin, the Seatonic is like a face lift for your body. The addition of Omega 3 restores elasticity to stretched areas of the skin, and delivers incredible results in just two months. This dry oil is a next generation 2-in-1 skincare treatment that both vanquishes stretch marks and promotes optimal skin health

      One of our favorite parts of this is that it is non greasy and has a satin finish. You can get dressed right after applying this, so be sure to use to often!

       How To Use

      Apply morning and evening on zones prone to loss of firmness and stretch marks for 2 months. Massage with circular movements until completely absorbed. If necessary, remove any excess with a tissue before getting dressed.

      Bellini's Tip: This is a great oil to use after one of Phytomer's Oligomer baths!

      GENTLE BODY SCRUB With Glasswort Oil

      Phytomer specializes in creating body treatments, not just body care. As mentioned earlier, think of body care as an extension of your facial care. By applying preventative care while you are young, you can drastically alter the natural course of your skin health. A wonderful preventative option is Phytomer's Gentle Body Scrub, which helps prevent long term moisture loss by improving your skin's lipid reservoir. When your skin is hydrated - as has reserves to pull from -, it extends the longevity of your skin. Without moisture, your skin becomes dehydrated, and thus prone to wrinkling.

      This richly whipped cream melts into a light oil finish for a gentle exfoliant suitable for all skin types. Phytomer's Gentle Body Scrub is a rich and creamy mousse that exfoliates the skin and delivers genuine comfort longterm by improving hydration retention in the skin, and thus keep the skin on your body looking as youthful as ever! In addition, any skincare you layer on afterwards will have an increased efficacy as a result of the Gentle Body Scrub.

      How To Use

      Apply directly and without water to dry areas like knees elbows and rinse, or apply anywhere to damp skin.   

      TONING BODY SCRUB With Marine Salt Crystals

      Did you know that your body can get a build up on dead skin, just like your face? When your face gets this build up, it prevents the rest of your skincare from working efficiently. The skin on your body is no different, and will need to be properly cleansed before it can be treated.

      Phytomer's Toning Body Scrub is perfect for anyone over the age of 35, as well as anyone who may have had excess sun exposure this summer. This scrub is infused with antioxidants, which help counteract UV damage that leads to uneven pigmentation.

      Another bonus is that this scrub also helps keep the skin thick, thanks to the presence of Oligomer. By keeping the skin thick, you are less prone to wrinkles and slackening or sagging of the skin. There are a variety of wrinkles one may experience, such as gravitational folds and expression lines, but there is another type of wrinkle that results from both diet and UV damage - glycation. You can read a bit about glycation in the 45+ year old section of our blog here. Because glycation affects the structure of your collagen, it is important to work on prevention as much as possible. By covering your body in antioxidants, the effects of glycation can be halted.

      Eliminate dead skin cells and nourish your body in one step. This Toning Body Scrub is rich in oligomer and marine salts to provide optimal product absorption and cellular energy. An added bonus is that this product helps prepare your skin for any following skincare. After using, your skin will feel smooth, soft, and moisturized. 

      • Marine Salt Crystals provide exfoliation for healthier skin
      • Chondrus Crispus oil (derived from red algae) is an antioxidant and moisturizing agent for healthier skin
      • Oligomer is added to strengthen and revitalize the skin 

      How To Use

      Once or twice a week, massage the scrub over wet skin. Can be used on dry skin, particularly on rough areas such as the knees, heels, and elbows. Rinse after scrubbing. Shake, squeeze and press the tube before using.

      TRESOR DE MERS Ultra Nourishing Body Cream

      Discover this ultra nourishing and silky body lotion inspired by the treasures of the sea - Glasswort and Mekabu oil. Designed specifically for skin over the age of 45 years old, this delicate body cream offers comfort to even the most dry or dehydrated skin. Made of a 98% natural formula, the most precious benefits of the sea are holistically encapsulated in Phytomer's lovely blue tubes.

      This body lotion improves the application and storage of water and lipid reserves in the epidermis. These two elements help improve skin lacking in nutrition, as lipids are natural fats for the skin that also prevent sun damage, promote moisture retention, and aid skin that needs healing from a scrape or cut. The Tresor Des Mers improves circulation of water in the epidermis, results in consistent and effective hydration, as well as improved skin barrier function. This leads to stronger skin that is resistant to dehydration and protected from external threats such as infectious agents, chemicals, systemic toxicity and allergens.

      How To Use

      Apply every day, after bath or shower.

      Bellini's Tip: exfoliate once or twice a week with a Renaissance Glove or Sasawashi towel in combination with the Tresor de Mers! You can also use this as a spot treatment on extra dry areas.

      CRYOTONIC Soothing Leg Gel

      Are you on your feet all day? Standing or moving around for hours on end can take a toll on your legs. If your legs are feeling heavy or tired, you will certainly benefit from Phytomer's Cryotonic. This fast-absorbing gel comforts and relieves the legs, leaving you feeling relieved and refreshed. 

      In addition to feeling nice, this gel reactivates draining and microcirculation long term. By improving blood flow, you can help reduce these feelings of fatigue. Read more about the Lymphatic system and how micro circulation plays a roll in this system here. immediate feeling of well being. provides legs resfreshed and tone,

      A sensation of lightness restored to your legs thanks to the synergistic action of menthol and Centella Asiatica. This duo has relieving and toning action, and strengthens the collagen fibers that make up the membranes of your capillaries. As a result, you will notice a reduction of inflammatory reactions.

      How To Use

      Massage lightly into the legs, moving from bottom to top, in the morning and/or evening.

      Lotion P5 Targeted Curve Concentrate

      The ocean is brimming with fat trimming ingredients, and Phytomer specializes in reducing this build up that gets in the way of your natural contours. Designed to take on stubborn bulges and curves that get in the way of sliming results, this revolutionary concentrate features three of Phytomer's top preforming algae:

      1. Laminara Digitara (brown algae) prevents fat from entering fat cells, while also stimulating fat combustion.
      2. Palmaria Palmata (red algae) promotes microcirculation at a cellular level, improves drainage, and encourages fat elimination.
      3. Chlorella (green algae) is rich in peptides and amino acids that tone and restructure the skin by stimulating structural ingredients, like collagen.

      A brand new development from Phytomer is also included in this cocktail: Polysiphonia, a red algae, targets fat build up caused by stress of modern lifestyles. Weight gained from stress is more difficult to get rid of due to a variety of reasons, including increased appetite from increased ghrelin hormones. In addition, the stress hormone cortisol slows down your metabolism, which can contribute to the difficulty of losing weight.

      Together, these four algae's target the various aspects of fat storage, as well as using Oligomer to boost cellular activity - which in turn boosts the effectiveness of all the algae. The minerals in oligomer provide energy to your cells, which use this energy to carry out functions such as metabolism.

      How To Use 

      Apply a few drops morning and evening on curve zones prone to excess weight (hips, buttocks, thighs, saddlebags, abdomen). Massage in upward, circular movements.

      Yonka Huile Dry Oils

      Sometimes you want a body treatment that also has a light fragrance to it - and for that, we bring your attention to Yonka's Huile Drry Oils. Yonka's dry oils are concentrated hydrating formulas designed to be quickly absorbed into the skin, while also offering a gentle lingering scent. These lightweight dry oils breathe new life into your skin and preserves its youthfulness. All of Yonka's dry oils have beneficial nourishing, soothing, regenerating, and softening properties that fit all skin types. 

      A great bonus with these dry oils is that you can get dressed immediately after application, which makes this a useful product for busy lifestyles or traveling. We carry two different dry oils that focus on different results, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

      How To Use

      Apply on either wet or dry skin. We love applying a spritz or two to our wet bodies right out of the shower, no towel drying required! By applying after a shower, you increase the captured moisture by locking the remaining shower water into your skin instead of evaporating.

      Délicieuse Jasmine

      Does your skin flake, or feel tight? You most likely need a boost of natural oils in your skin to feel smooth and supple again. To soothe dry skin, you need to incorporate an emollient-based lotion or moisturizer into your skincare routine. The Huile Delicieuse fragrant body oil with sunflower oil and baobab seed oil relaxes you and brings your skin back into balance at the same time. The two flowers, tiare and jasmine, also help repair dry skin, for instantly nourished and velvety skin.

      This oil doubles as a beauty enhancer as well, as it can be used on dehydrated hair as well. It’s infused with sunflower, sesame and baobab oils nourish, soften, and protect the skin and hair.

      Bellini's Tip: Spritz this oil along the tips of your hair for light perfume and instantly nourishing effect! Perfect for any dehydrated hair from the ocean or heat styling tools.

      Toning Cedar

      For a toned silhouette, your skin needs active ingredients that fade blemishes and drain swelling to leave firm, clear skin. The Cedar Dry Oil is a part of Yonka's Silhouette Line, which focuses on firming and detoxifying the body. It is able to do so with the use of cedar, rosemary, and cypress essential oils, which focus on anti-cellulite and firming the body. The addition of pink pepper oil also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This oil also affects the lymph system, which you can read more about here, by encouraging blood flow, which in turn encourages lymphatic drainage and decreases bloating.

      If you’re longing for a more sculpted figure, this is the product for you. This nourishing body oil has a light texture that makes massaging easy to visibly improve the appearance of skin. Day after day, the skin appears firmer, smoother, and more tonic.

      Be sure to massage this oil into the skin, as this will help activate fat reduction and draining of lymphatic fluids, resulting in a smoothing silhouette!

      Bellini's Tip: Using this oil for massages will help reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

      Yonka Lait Auto-Bronzant

      If you still want a tan after learning how UV damages the skin, we highly recommend trying out Yonka's self tanning lotion.

      This self-tanner is both hydrating and nourishing, and has a natural golden tone to it. Have no fear of over applying, as this self-tanner does not turn orange. It offers a buildable, uniform glow that is usable by all skin tones. The full intensity of this tan becomes apparent four hours after application, and lasts around four days.

      Not only did Yonka make a beautiful shade of self tanner, they also combined hydrating and nourishing extracts that glides onto your skin seamlessly. Plus, you can use this tanner on your face as well.

      This self tanning milk is very easy to use. Read our blog about how to prep and apply fake tan here in order to get the best results.

      We recommend reapplying a bit of tan on your face after each cleansing in order to keep it consistent with the rest of your body.

      Bellini's Tip: Always make sure to exfoliate your skin (and face!) before applying self tanner in order to avoid a splotchy appearance.  
      Which Treatment, Body Lotion, or Moisturizer is Right For Me?

      Skincare Focus

      Mood Enhancers

      If You Are Between 15 and 25 Years Old ...

      If You Are Between 25 and 35 Years Old ...


      If You Are Between 35 and 45 Years Old ...

      If You Are Between 45 and 55 Years Old ...

      If You Are Over 55 Years Old ...

      Skin Condition:

      Keratosis Pilaris

      Light Fragrance

      Self Tanner

      Tired Legs

      Stretch Marks


      What body, shower, or bath product are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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