Skin So Good You’ll Never Use Foundation

Skin So Good You’ll Never Use Foundation

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Sometimes it feels like there is never a right answer. Skincare can feel daunting, maybe even pointless after repeated failed product experiences. Maybe you are subscribed to a beauty box and receive several different skincare brands to try, or maybe you are trying every makeup product possible to cover blemishes or scars -- and why wouldn't you? 

But are you just using products to use them up? Are you using makeup to hide your skin? Is your skincare giving you the result you want, or is it more for the fun of it?

If you are looking to achieve your skin care goals and have skin so clear you'll never need foundation again, then look no further.

At Bellini's, we are tired of the skincare BS. We breakthrough the misinformation to educate and expand people's ideas about skincare. We know that persistent acne provides us with a multitude of parting gifts, like scars, pigmentation, deep and painful cystic acne. It affects more than just the physical body, too, as it can be a hit to people's self-esteem and confidence. I know as a teenager (and before people wore masks), I would get so self conscious about people talking to me. I would think, "of course they're looking at my pimple," when they most likely were not. But that's the affect it has on you, and is why Bellini's strives to return comfort to everyone's lives. We want you to be your most beYOUtiful self.

One way we approach this is by getting the right products on your skin at the right time. There are many great skincare products in the world, but you need to know when and where to use them. For instance, you can begin using global aging skincare in your 20's, but it would be more cost effective to use something suited for your skin condition, concern, skin type, age, and lifestyle. 

This brings our attention to Phytomer's Clarifying Line , which is designed around clearing up the skin of breakouts, reducing sebum production, and returning your skin to a balanced state.

Phytomer has a superior amount of research and technology being used within each product. Each ingredient is sustainably extracted from nature and sent through numerous tests and revisions before being released to the public. They reformulate countless times to perfect its results and sensorial attributes. There is one very important ingredient that they consider the gold standard building block of all, trace minerals.

Image of natural and natural trace elements, courtsey of

There are about 100 (give or take a few) minerals that occur naturally in our environment. These minerals are indispensable for a healthy body and must be replenished daily. We can get some of these minerals through our diet, however it is near impossible to get them solely from food in one day. This is because your skin is the last place to receive any nutrients, and the first place where these stored resources are taken from. As such, we need to find other ways to remineralize the cells and body through products.

Thankfully, there is already an easy solution!

The Ocean Is the Muse

Phytomer has found that the human body liquid composition (e.g. blood plasma, tears) has a similar make up as ocean water.

What does this mean? Our body recognizes and accepts it easily!

We must make sure that these minerals are balanced within our cells, as about 90% of negative skin conditions are cause by some trace mineral deficiency. These minerals are depleted for many reasons: from fighting off stress and pollution, to being used as energy. Trace minerals are responsible for hundreds of bodily functions, they are the co-factors, or catalysts, that control enzymatic responses. The general process is: minerals → enzymes → cell energy.

Our cell function and energy decreases as we age. Our capacity for cell energy drops about 5% every 10 years. In addition to our cells naturally running out of steam, we must remember that skin is also directly exposed to physical and chemical stress from the environment. The resulting damage accumulates over the years and our defense mechanisms start to decrease. So, we must make sure our skin is able to fight damage.

Your Body Uses Minerals to Survive

Mineral balance is of crucial importance for the fundamental biological functions of the skin. An adequate amount of each element is required for proper functioning of the tissues, meaning that deficiency, and sometimes also excess, may cause problems.

Specifically for the skin, minerals play a huge roll in cell metabolism & bioenergetics, cellular energy production (ATP), Free Radical Balance, epidermal differentiation and barrier function, dermal remolding, bactericidal actions, and wound healing.

Skin regeneration, such as epidermal renewal or dermal remodeling, requires high amounts of energy to complete. This energy comes from minerals in the cells, so making sure we keep the proper supply is of utmost importance. For example, magnesium, calcium, and zinc are big factors in dermal rebuilding and restoration of the skin barrier, and making sure we have sufficient levels of these contribute to success in these jobs. Another example is that the synthesis of mature elastin and collagen can be controlled by the availability of copper.

Nutrition is the principal source of elements that make up our bodies. Trying to get all and the correct amounts of these minerals in a day with only food is near very challenging to do. Especially when many of the minerals we need are found in the underground and sea waters. Phytomer has tapped into this knowledge and brings the mineral rich ingredients of sea water and sea plants into their products.

Phytomer's Clarifying line

Phytomer's Clarifying line is specific to all combination, oily, and problem skin clients. Regardless of how a breakout came to be, be it hormonal imbalance, over-active sebaceous glands, or improper skin care, acne can become serious and chronic.

Did you know? 80% of people between the age of 11-30, suffer from acne. Treating acne is the #1 reason why people visit dermatologists. At Bellini's, we have slightly different approaches to treating the skin than dermatologists, since we have access to professional French and European brands and attitudes.

This happens when trapped oil, dirt and infection can’t be removed by the skin itself because the surface is clogged. With this infection trapped due to make up, sweat, dirt, pollution, dead sub cells etc., the blood will then circulate it other parts of the skin. You can read in depth about the acne process in our blog 5 Acne Myths - Busted. Here is a quick breakdown of some reasons behind breakouts:

  1. In the U.S. alone, nearly 17 million people have acneic skin and about 20% have late onset acne. Late onset acne can be due to things like the desquamation cycle (cell turnover) slowing down as we age, causing the skin to not expel the dead skin cells as quick as it once did, thus leading to clogged pores.
  2. Excess sebum brings the pH of the skin up, making it more alkaline. When our skin is more alkaline it leaves us open for the breeding and spreading of bacteria. Many people who suffer from blemishes also have a zinc deficiency; the most common mineral people are missing.

Phytomer's Clarifying line focuses on stopping this infection, balancing sebum production, removing dead skin cells, re-mineralizing, and mattifying the skin - all without inflammation or irritation. This line is targeted towards anyone experiencing oiliness, breakouts, congestion, and are designed to prevent inflammation. This is made possible due to Phytomer's patented ingredients, which include:

Ingredient Name Purpose
A red algae, growing near the ocean’s surface; it is exposed to the entire UV spectrum, bacteria, excess heat and other environmental aggressors. Has a highly evolved self-defense system as a result. This helps to purify and give and anti-inflammatory response to the skin. As well, it is heavy with negatively charged ions that when applied to the skin give an anti-bacterial affect.
Absolute Marine Mattifier
(EPS AAM) Unique Exopolysaccharides works to correct blemishes and mattify the skin. Provides comprehensive cleansing effect and deposits an invisible natural film on the surface on the skin, trapping sebum like a micro-sponge.
Dermo-Purifying Complex

This complex of lipoamino acid and zinc rich plant extracts target 4 areas of purifying the skin.

  1. Regulating excessive sebum
  2. Cutting the spread of bacteria
  3. Prevents the appearance of comedones
  4. Reducing the inflammatory response.

This marine oligosaccride and zinc causes a mattifying, anti-inflammatory, and an anti-bacterial effect of the skin. 

Natural marine AHA’s that provide a gentle exfoliation without the irritation and inflammation. Found in Emergence and Resurfacing Peel.
Hamamelis Another name for witch hazel, which purifies, tones the skin and tighten pores. Found in Oligomarine toner.
Kaolin  This  white clay absorbs excess sebum and impurities. Found in the Oligopur Mask.

Product Suggestions for Clear Skin

Due to the variety of skin that acne can appear on, we have separated this line into skin types to best assist you with finding your perfect match. 

There are a handful of key active ingredients in the line, all with the focus of trapping sebum, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. They are:

Concern: Cell Turnover / Exfoliation / Desquamation 

Resurfacing Peel Exfoliating Face Mask an intensive exfoliation cream. Marine AHA provide a chemical like exfoliation without any irritation or inflammation. Particles provide a physical scrub and enzymes also work toe exfoliate. Shouldn’t be used more than twice a week. Apply on a damp face, massage in circular movement for 1 minute and then leave alone for 5 minutes. Rinse off. All skin types to tolerance.

Oligopur Blemish Target Gel – This anytime gel is perfect for those pesky pimples and comdeones. You can put this on multiple times through the day, even over makeup. With a little bit of salicylic acid to help dissolve oil and expel dead skin cells. Also has anti-inflammatory properties. All skin types, anyone dealing with active breakouts.

Concern: Inflammation 

Oligopur Hydra-Mattifying Cream Moisturizer – Matte, perfecting moisturized, with controlled shine and anti-inflammatory. Ideal for Combination, Oily in winter, Normal experiencing breakouts.

Oligomarine Toner – Tone and mattify the skin. Calming inflammation while still purifying and tightening the pores. Ideal for Combination, Oily.

Peeling Vegetal Face Mask – an enzymatic exfoliant, papaya enzyme eliminates impurities and dead skin cells, laminaria digitata, a brown algae, moisturizes the skin. Great tip is pop it on in the shower and let the steam open your pores for a deeper exfoliation. Great for all skin types even those sensitive folks.

Concern: Regulate Sebum

Acnipur Blemish Fluid Moisturizer – A light liquid that regulates excess sebum production and mattifies the skin. A reduction of 88% in pimples. Ideal for oily, acneic, combination skin, active breakouts. 

Oligopur Cleansing Gel – A deep cleansing without any feeling of dehydration, packed with oligomer, preventing cellular fatigue and increased the efficiency of products to follow. Ideal for oily, combination, mature.

Oligopur Flawless Skin Face Mask – This clay mask that absorbs sebum and leaves a velvety matte finish to the skin with marine sugars and zinc. Also helps minimize inflammation. Oily, Combination, Acneic.

Key Minerals and Functions 

Mineral Element


Calcium – Ca

Regulator of cell function in general, efficiency of skin barrier function, mitochondrial respiration, intercellular junction function. Also, dermal remodeling by MMPs is calcium dependent.

Magnesium – Mg

Contributes to formation of stratum corneum barrier, helps production and storage of ATP, protein synthesis, transcription, and repair of DNA. Over 300 enzymes in the human body have magnesium as a cofactor.

Phosphorus – P

Makes part of many cells and tissue structures and processes that help with genetic information coding, to energy-carrying ATP.

Sulfur – S

Synthesis essential biomolecules and enzymes, and antioxidants. Molecular signaling. Anti-inflammatory and keratolytic actions.

Sodium & Potassium – Na & K

Bulk elements that relay information and keep homeostasis and intra- and extra- cellular fluids. These minerals are secreted through sweat glands into the superficial stratum corneum which contribute to the NMF. Holding water in the uppermost epidermal cell layers.

Iron – Fe

Takes part in scavenging for free radicals. Transports and store oxygen

Zinc – Zn

Required for over 300 enzymes responsible for things such as signaling, gene transcription, maintaining DNA integrity, protein folding. With Copper, it acts as part of anti-radical detoxification enzyme. MMPs contain a lot of Zinc, keratinocyte mobility

Copper – Cu

Essential for formation of new blood vessels, oxygen transport, energy production, antioxidant defense, iron metabolism, immunity and pigmentation.

Manganese – Mn

Antioxidant action, protein, and energy metabolism. Synthesis or collagens glycosaminoglycans (GAG)  1 ,2, 3, 5, 11, 27. (chain like connection two collagen fibers and strengthen)

Molybdenum – Mo

Helps to detoxify and stabilize free radicals

Selenium – Se

Component of numerous enzymes that catalyzes free radical reactors/fighters. Important for detoxification of cell membranes

Silicium – Si

Nutritional supplement for bone formation and collagen 1 production. Good in moisturizers and occlusive products.

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