To Cleanse, or Not to Cleanse

To Cleanse, or Not to Cleanse

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Do You Need to Double Cleanse?

A lot of my customers ask me about double cleansing, or why it's important to cleanse your skin twice during a routine. Keeping the cleanse simple will prevent you from skipping this essential step. Daily cleansing of your skin is effective because it removes the dead skin, oils, and dirt built up over the day or night. You will only need to double cleanse if you are wearing heavy makeup, or a strong sunscreen like SkinCeuticals Daily Brightening SPF.

I recommend the following cleansers:

Use a Chemical Exfoliant Over Physical

In the morning I love to use a wash cloth to rinse the cleanser off, and then finish my routine with cold water to help wake up my cells. It is important to not over cleanse, use harsh ingredients, or use extremely rough loofahs or exfoliating products. Physical exfoliants can be too harsh for everyday use, so I recommend using a chemical exfoliant for more daily use as needed. 

Some chemical exfoliants I suggest are:

Use a Facial Cleansing Device

As mentioned before, If you wear heavy makeup or a physical SPF, you can try double cleansing. Otherwise, you won't need to double cleanse. There is a lot of hype online about double cleansing, but it isn't needed for most lifestyles. If you find a good cleanser for your skin type, you won't need to cleanse again. If you use a facial cleansing device, you won't need to double cleanse. A motorized cleansing device is 7x to 35x more effective at removing dirt from your skin than your hands. You can both save your time and be more effective with your routine.

The only reason to double cleanse is to clear away makeup or SPF from your skin before cleansing to remove dirt, oil, or blemishes. If you want a specific makeup remover, you can try Yonka's Eau Micellaire water before properly cleaning your skin. Remove your makeup and then cleanse your skin using a cleansing device, such as one from Michael Todd Beauty or QYK Sonic's Zoe Bliss. The image below is an example of how effective our cleansing devices are after only 5 seconds. 

Image courtesy of Michael Todd Beauty 

Revive Your Skin's pH

After cleansing, the most important step to do is to tone your skin. Using a toner will bring the pH of your skin back to normal and balance your natural microbiome. To find a good toner for your skin type, I recommend:

To recap, a few of my tips are:

  • Cleanse your face daily (AM/PM) to remove dirt, oil, and makeup.
  • If you have dry or sensitive skin, use a gentle, creamy or foamy cleanser that does not contain sulphates.
  • Oily or acne-prone skin should use a cleanser with an acid, such as glycolic acid. The acidic enzymes will eat away at the extra oil production and help clear your skin. 
  • Rough exfoliants can irritate the skin and cause inflammation
  • Always cleanse your skin before going to bed
  • Remember to tone your skin after cleansing!

- Written by Eliza Palamarchuk, Facial Specialist Aesthetician at Bellini's


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