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What are the best natural, environmentally friendly sunscreens? We got you covered!

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We call sunscreen the "Necessary Evil" in skincare. Why is that? The Sun nourishes the planet. It nourishes and invigorates us! Bright sunny days are usually filled with activities, adventures, friends, and more. The Sun feeds the plants and replenishes our bodies of important vitamins needed for our bodies. All of this good comes at a cost. too much sun and before you know it you're finding potentially irreversible damage to your skin or even some types of cancers. But not to worry, we've got you covered!

The best solution to protecting against the sun's harmful effects is sunscreen or some kind of SPF (Sun Protection Factor). SPF comes in a few variations that have their pros and cons. There is the Chemical Sunscreen, The Physical Sunscreen, and the Combination of Physical and Chemical Sunscreen.


What's the difference?


A Physical Sunscreen (comprised of metals such as titanium and Zinc) sits on top of your skin and provides physical protection against the sun's rays by reflecting them away before they even have a chance to penetrate your skin and cause damage.

Chemical Sunscreens work a little differently. The chemical, Avobenzone, gets absorbed into your skin and when the sun hits, avobenzone then converts the sun's rays into heat and neutralizes the harmful rays into rays that will not cause damage. Each type of sunscreen has its pros and cons and that's what we are here to show you!

Pros and Cons:

Graph showing effective UV range for chemical ingredients in sunscreen comparing chemical active ingredients with each other and with physical ingredients
*Image courtesy of SkinCeuticals*

There are different variations of the sun's rays and a good sunscreen will protect across the full UV Spectrum. Chemical Sunscreens will tend to cover only a specific range of the UV spectrum and due to their chemical nature, The active ingredients will lose their effectiveness much faster than physical blocks. The pro is that chemical blocks tend to have a better texture and don't leave you with the classic white film on your face and body. The cons are they don't last nearly as long and interactions and reactions are more likely.

Physical Sunscreens' key ingredients are metals like Zinc and Titanium. The pros are since those ingredients sit on top of the skin they tend to have a longer effective time and are less reactive. The cons in using physical sunscreens are that they are more likely to get rubbed or wiped off and if you don't cleanse your skin properly, they can provide a barrier to keep other skincare products from working.

So what Sunscreen should I use then?

Picking the right SPF protection can be difficult but that's where our expertise comes in! Since most sunscreens don't last more than a few hours, we have the perfect products to make the initial application and reapplication as easy as possible!


SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion (SPF 50, Physical)

Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 is a weightless fluid that combines 100% mineral filters with translucent color spheres for effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and an even, radiant finish.

PCA Sheer Tint (SPF 45, Physical)

This universally tinted, water resistant sunscreen provides sheer protection with an antioxidant boost.

Coola Classic Face Sunscreen (SPF 50, Chemical)

Our organic face sunscreen is your invisible shield against the sun and elements. This Farm to Face formula is sun protection and moisturizer in one—providing sheer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection while hydrating skin. Formulated with our antioxidant-rich Plant Protection Complex, this fragrance-free sunscreen for face provides light-as-air protection that is amazing on its own or layers perfectly under makeup.


Coola Sport Sunscreen Spray (SPF 50, Chemical)

With its refreshingly natural scent, this organic sunscreen is a new take on our award-winning classic—designed for long active days in the sun but light enough for everyday use. *Great for reapplication! will not stain your clothes!*

Coola Mineral Body Sunscreen (SPF 50, Physical)

It's sheer genius! Our mineral sunscreen lotion SPF 30 is everything you want from a mineral formula without the annoying white cast. Formulated with our antioxidant-rich Plant Protection Complex, this organic water-resistant lotion with non-nano zinc oxide actives provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection whenever you need it. But the best part? This hydrating yet non-greasy mineral sunscreen glides on smoothly for a sheer, lightweight feel. It's also reef friendly so dive right in!



ColoreScience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-on Shield (SPF 50, Physical)

Powered by EnviroScreen® Technology, this all-powerful, all-mineral skin shield provides complete protection in one convenient, on-the-go application—alone or over makeup. Perfect for reapplying throughout the day, easy to carry in your bag or golf cart.


Coola Refreshing Water Mist (SPF 18, Chemical)

Mist away and reset the day with our breakthrough Refreshing Water Mist sunscreen. This alcohol-free formula infuses organic aloe and coconut water with our plant-derived Full Spectrum 360° technology to help mitigate the effects of today's modern skin aggressors, including HEV light (aka blue light), IR, and pollution.


Remember! The best Sunscreen is one you will actually use!

Our skincare professionals are here if you have any questions! feel free to message us in the chat in the corner of your screen and we will answer any and all questions!

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