Castle Forbes Shaving Cream Lime

Our lime shaving cream is paraben-free and uses only pure essential oil for a natural and luxurious shaving experience. Castle Forbes' unique formulation creates a rich, creamy and extremely fine shaving lather that gives a superbly close shave.  The lime essential oil is especially recommended for those who are prone to cuts or nicks to help staunch any bleeding if the skin is cut.

 Often voted as the best shaving cream in the world across numerous shaving forums and websites, our lime shaving cream possesses an incredibly zesty and fruity fragrance of limes, it adds a real burst of citrus zing to your shave.

 Only a small amount of shaving cream is required to create a luxurious, thick (yet fine), cushioning lather, that protects and soothes as you shave.

 200ml recyclable PET jar.