Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Facial Oil Blotting Paper

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When you're out and about and a mid-day face wash isn't an option, blotting sheets are your best friend. These tiny sheets sop up any extra oil and give you a matte finish. 

A very fine bamboo charcoal powder is infused into each sheet of this oil-blotting paper. The potent absorbency of activated charcoal effortlessly removes oils and impurities from the skin for a healthy, clear complexion. Suitable for all skin types, this portable set is perfect for quick touch-ups on the go. Slip this compact book into a pocket to keep yourself looking your best while on the road or during long, busy days.

A pack of oil blotting papers made with absorbent activated charcoal.


❖ Contains 30 sheets.
❖ Handmade
❖ Materials: Paper, Charcoal Powder
❖ Dimensions: Height: 3½” Width: 3½”
❖ Bamboo is grown in the North of Kyoto in Japan, which is said to have powerful and high quality bamboo.
❖ Made in Kyoto, Japan

❖ Suitable for all skin types
❖ Cleans on a microscopic level
❖ Combine beauty and wellness
❖ Blot away oils and impurities
❖ Traps odor-causing chemicals
❖ Charcoal is an eco-friendly natural air and water purifier
❖ Incredibly absorbent
❖ Easy to carry

❖ Gently press against the skin to blot out oils and bacteria.

❖ Paper
❖ Very fine Binchotan bamboo activated charcoal powder

Chikuno Life offers personal-care products made from charcoal, which is said to cleanse without chemicals and eliminate odors.

Japanese charcoal-making goes back to around 12,000 BC, known in Japan as the Jomon period. At the time, the people of Japan lived mostly in simple huts and hunted and gathered for sustenance; charcoal was the fuel for fires that cooked meals and heated homes.

Chikuno Life utilizes this age-old practice of cleansing using charcoal by incorporating it into beauty and wellness products.