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Phytomer OLIGOMER PURE Individual Sachet

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Lyophilized Sea Water Bath provides all of the benefits of a dip in the ocean in your own home. An ideal opportunity to relax, re-balance and re-energize. OLIGOMER® is a sodium reduced seawater concentrate; a worldwide exclusive product which is protected by a manufacturing secret PHYTOMER has held for 40 years. 

Scientists at PHYTOMER have discovered that, it contains all of the active components of seawater, notably 104 trace elements necessary for the balance and vitality of the skin. It is used in most of PHYTOMER's face and body products to deliver remineralizing properties to strengthen the skin and recharge it with energy.

PHYTOMER products use ingredients of the sea for effective beauty treatments.

PHYTOMER, a spa-based, marine skin care company is driven by the ocean, science and beauty. Taking a holistic approach to beauty products, all PHYTOMER products and treatments combine scientific advancement and innovative technologies with natural ingredients derived from the sea for relaxing, soothing and elegant products for all skin types. Since the sea is at the heart of every PHYTOMER product, all ingredients are harvested in a way to limit any impact on the sea's ecosystem and to promote marine biodiversity. The advanced marine skin care technology replicates the skin’s natural beautifying functions for healthy skin.