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Vie VITA C Concentrated Solution

Vie VITA C Concentrated Solution


A concentrated solution to revitalize and recharge maturing and wrinkled in Vitamin C. 

Cosmeceutical formula--Ultra-concentrated ingredient at 10%


Derivative of ultra-stable vitamin C which reactivates biological functions of the skin:

  • Boosts the synthesis of collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Re-energizes the cells and limits skin aging
  • Reduces dark spots and promotes skin lightening by limiting the amount of melanin produced
  • Limits the appearance of new dark spots by trapping free radicals

Results: Skin is smoothed, revitalized and the complexion is more radiant.


A fast revitalization

Smooths facial features, enhances skin tone and revives radiance for a skin recharge in Vitamin C.
Enjoyable Texture
An expert and refined formula

Subtly gellified aqueous solution that instantly penetrates into the heart of the skin, VITA C is used between seasons or as a vitamin-packed treatment to offer a fast revitalizing for maturing skin.


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