Box N°1 Discovery Set

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A discovery box composed of five eau de parfum fragrances.

Explore some of the most complex experiences, fragrances and memories through one of Mad et Len's iconic scents. A robust and invigorating olfactory experience.

Black Musc
dark florals, musk, wood bark + amber
“There is no initiation to such mysteries, to all this mysterious life which flows in the forests, in the cities, in the hearts of wild women, Everything is dark and sweet.”

Black Uddu
leather, florals, amber + metalic
“Sculpting essences Like a cubist mask, Curving and darkening a floral base Polishing and faceting a raw amber thus revealing the sensual beauty of a primitive artifact.”

Green Sunshine
wild mint crunch
“Arabian night at the royal café, where the nomads lie down on a bed of iced mint, before their journey from Saint Germain to the walls of Alexandria.”

Lady Vetyver
dark vetiver, greenish tobacco + black honey
“Under the dome, a Byzantine frieze illuminated with gold leaf facing the tamed bears, in the middle of the perfume and the psalms of the hymns, the empress advances towards the throne.”

Sous les Confettis
volute of petits papiers, benzoin + balmy resins
“I dream of a long fancy parade, waving from Belleville to the heart of Paris, joy of life, colombine flowers, harlequin, clouds of confetti, and small scented papers ”