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Designed to deliver 100% coverage of our Conditioner and deliver the optimum quantity to your roots which requires less than the rest of the hair. ILES' anti-static comb is also the perfect tool with which to finish your coiffure.

❖ Use as a Conditioning Distribution Comb to evenly distribute the ILES conditioner from root to tip.
❖ Helps close down cuticles when used with conditioner.
❖ Prevents static often delivered through a traditional hair brush.
❖ The wide spaced teeth give gorgeous texture within the sumptuous silk finish that ILES Formula haircare delivers.

❖ Gentle on wet hair.
❖ Excellent styling tool on dry hair.
❖ Prevents static often delivered from hair brushes.

❖ Use in the shower with conditioner in your hair. Gently distributes conditioner evenly through hair to help both use less product and nourish each strand.
❖ Use on dry hair as normal.

A breath of fresh air in an oversaturated hair care market, ILES Formula is where Minimalism meets Maximum Performance. Created by celebrity hair stylist, Wendy Iles, who has cared for and styled the hair of thousands of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Every type of hair and hair extension is considered when crafting an ILES Formula product to deliver phenomenal repair results immediately. The difference between ILES Formula and other brands is the instant repair they deliver without coating the hair with any substances that over time build up and create a counter effect of breakage.