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Mad et Len Potpourri Recharge

Mad et Len Potpourri Recharge

Oil refill bottle for the Mad et Len potpourri with lava -or resin stones.

Terre Noir—Black Soil, Earthy, Mineral Note, Ancient Woods of Petrified Pine, Rare Ages Oakwood.

Graphite—Monochrome Graphite, Chalk Palette, Cropped wood. 

Thé Sichuan—Celestial Peppery Sichuan Tea, Crystalized White Bergamote.

Terre Blanche—Occidental Almond and verbena blend with oriental santal and mandarine.

Spirituelle—Crispy Cold Mint-Infused with a Hint of Sugary Orange Blossom and Warm Wormwood.

Black Champaka—Droplets of Champaka Leaf, Volute of Benjoin, and Balmy Resins Powder.

Title Terre Noir

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