Mad et Len Sample

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Scent Apocalypstick

Try a sample of Mad et Len to help you find your next favorite! 

MAD et LEN is an ode to earthly elements. Handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, the brand’s exquisite eau de parfum are all crafted in-house, in small batches, with essential oils of undiluted flowers, woods and spices. Moss, violet, soil, oak, eucalyptus, cypress, and mint are just some of the notes in these intense fragrances.

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Apocalypstick: Crushed Rosa Damascena Petals & Macadam

Black Uddu: Leather, Woody Notes, Resins & Vetiver

Humus: Violet, Oakmoss, Mushrooms, Blue Pine & Vetiver

Spirituelle: Crispy Cold Mint

Vetiver Bucolique: Tobacco, Spices, Hay & Honey

Black Musc: Amber, Florals, Wood Notes & Musk

Graphite: Chopped Pine, Leather, Chalk, Camphor & Paper

Terre Noire: Soil Tincture, Spicy Notes & Wood

Paname: Grass, Suede, Spices & Tobacco

Red Musc: Soft Florals, Wood & Powdery Musk

Apply as little or as much as you desire to the hills and valleys of your body. Neck and wrists are common places to apply, but you can also try out behind your knees or in the crook of your arm.

Samples are final sale, non-returnable items. Samples are brand-provided or made fresh daily by hand. In-house samples are made using a standard 2 fl oz sample vials filled with 18 sprays (volume varies). Samples are not available for roll-on perfumes. Authenticity guaranteed.

MAD et Len captures the scents of memories through objects crafted by artisans and experimental fragrances. By using seasonal ingredients and respecting the cycles of nature, Mad et Len rekindles the apothecary tradition, the quintessence of artisanal perfumery, to produce its fragrances by hand. Heady hand-blended scents come together as intoxicating perfumes encased in wrought steel and enigmatic black apothecary bottles.