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Olibere Balinesque Eau de Parfum

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A very green, woody and fresh fragrance, which will take you to the heart of the tropical rainforest of Bali.

Perfume inspired by the film « Eat, pray, love », shot in Bali

100mL and 50mL bottles available. Unisex

❖ Bamboo Sap
❖ Cardamom
❖ Ginger
❖ Cinnamon
❖ Cumin

❖ Rose
❖ Geranium
❖ Orchid
❖ Sambac
❖ Jasmine
❖ Aquatic notes

❖ Sandalwood
❖ Musk
❖ Myrrh
❖ Vetiver
❖ Heliotrope

Olibere Paris was created in order to combine the emotions of cinema with those provided by our sense of smell. They have collaborated with 3 internationally renowned master perfumers to create their fragrance collections: Bertrand Duchaudour, Amélie Bourgeois and Luca Maffei.


An artist to the core, Bertrand has always created his fragrances using various forms of media such as drawing, painting, and photography. He started his career in perfumery at Lautier Florasynth in Grasse, then Paris. In 2008, he became a freelance perfumer and branched out into artistic fragrances, composing innovative creations. He has been working with the Technicoflor fragrance company since 2014, which he chose for its ethical and environmental commitments.

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