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Olibere Dangerous Rose Extrait de Parfum

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A modern and spicy rose, with a rock’n’roll touch.

Perfume inspired by the film « Interview with a vampire »


Enigmatic beauty, both luminous and dark, symbol of a certain romanticism, where traditional codes are being broken. Beware, this red and black queen is extremely captivating and highly dangerous... The attraction works from the first moment with gourmand and carnal blend of passion fruit, bergamot, pink pepper and cinnamon. After this moment of seduction, she reveals her true character, the intensity of the rose absolute and the power of the woody oud. Bewitched, we can only surrender under the opulence and sensuality of the patchouli, labdanum and musks. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of raw materials which give this rose truly exceptional sillage.



❖ Bergamot
❖ Passion Fruit
❖ Nutmeg
❖ Pink Pepper
❖ Cardamom

❖ Rose Absolute
❖ Oud

❖ Patchouli
❖ Benzoin
❖ Labdanum
❖ Oakmoss
❖ Musk

Olibere Paris was created in order to combine the emotions of cinema with those provided by our sense of smell. They have collaborated with 3 internationally renowned master perfumers to create their fragrance collections: Bertrand Duchaudour, Amélie Bourgeois and Luca Maffei.


Luca Maffei is an italian independent perfumer. By 2014, he already signed more than 50 perfumed creations for mainstream and niche brands. Since childhood he was close to the world of essences,"fascinated by the charm of raw materials and the mysterious alchemy by which they combine" and decided to explore this unique and wonderful world.

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