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Parfums de Marly Haltane

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Ease into Oud fragrance with this lavender spritzed with lemon essence fragrance. Perfect year round. Cuts through the cold while refraining from being too heavy in the summer. 

"Haltane is a fragrance for a gentleman of today, inspired by the gentilhommes of the Chateau de Marly in the 18th century.” - Julien Sprecher, Founder and Artistic Director of Parfums de Marly.

Haltane is an original scent of both radiance and shadow. Its composition features a blend of rare and noble ingredients which revisit the tradition of 18th century French perfume making. Its bright freshness and herbal top notes quickly yield a warm and smooth sense of leather with a sympathy of precious woods. Soft and sweet, escorted by saffron, praline accord is an ultra-modern spin on mythical oudwood. Contracts imprint the skin with luminous refinement. 

Its dazzling freshness and herbal top notes quickly yield a warm and smooth sense of leather with a symphony of precious woods. Soft and sweet, escorted by saffron, its praline accord is an ultra-contemporary spin on the mythical oudwood.

Agarwood emerges in this veil of contrasts and imprints the skin with luminous refinement for enduring comfort. A privilege that is all about sensation.

Top notes
❖ Bergamot
❖ Lavender
❖ Clary Sage

Middle notes
❖ Saffron
❖ Cedarwood
❖ Praline
❖ Oudwood

Base Notes
❖ Patchouli
❖ Vetvier
❖ Musk
❖ Leather
❖ Natural Agarwood

Julien Sprecher began his journey 20 years ago when niche perfumery was emerging as a sector, responding to the standardization that was happening in traditional perfumery. He wanted to join this movement, confident that he had something to offer. He wanted to build a Haute-Perfumery Maison where tradition matches the present, and in 2009, Parfums de Marly began.

Parfums de Marly puts it simply, "Founder and Creative Director Julien Sprecher’s love of perfumery and history is innate. With Parfums de Marly, he expresses his passion for the olfactory creation and the splendour of the 18th century, through a temporal duality that embodies the spirit of the brand: "A juxtaposition of the present and past as coexisting and unexpected sources of inspiration." A lavish extravagance filtered through a contemporary vision. For Julien Sprecher, classic is always audacious."

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