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Phytomer OLIGOMER Well-Being Moisturizing Shower Gel

Phytomer OLIGOMER Well-Being Moisturizing Shower Gel

A luscious and delicately scented shower gel that gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Its remineralizing ingredient, OLIGOMER®, invigorates the skin and offers a pleasant sensation of well-being. 



OLIGOMER®: Delivers an optimum dose of trace elements and minerals, fortifies the epidermis and prevents cellular fatigue.
Pheohydrane: Moisturizes and restructures the skin's hydrolipidic film.



The Invigorating Moisturizing Shower Gel can be used every day. It is ideal after a workout or a stressful, tiring day. It helps replenish and ease the body with the remineralizing power of OLIGOMER®. Use without moderation for a moment of absolute relaxation.

Apply with gentle circular motions over entire body. Rinse and follow with application of body cream. Avoid contact with the eyes.


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