Scalp & Hair Rejuvenating Booster

Scalp & Hair Rejuvenating Booster

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An amazing new invention, this booster is a botanically derived, drug free formula. The Key ingredient is procapil™️ consisting of a blend derived from citrus fruits + Olive trees alongside wasabi + Apple + tomato extracts.

There is often confusion between hair loss and hair breakage as they both give the impression of a reduction in hair density. Whilst they are in fact two separate issues, unfortunately some do suffer from both. The iles formula scalp + rejuvenating booster specifically targets hair loss. The iles formula shampoo + conditioner stops hair breakage.

Women and men suffering from hair loss related to the following conditions Will all benefit from our formula: Hormonal changes (Including pregnancy + menopause), COVID, age, stress, early signs of alopecia, men starting to recede due to dht, medication.

Someone with hair follicles which have been dormant or inactive for several years Will most likely not see a good result. The best results Will be achieved when there is still activity in the root, no matter how little. Even with little activity, the iles formula scalp + hair rejuvenating booster Will encourage blood circulation around the root area and strengthen the hair follicle to encourage growth and stronger hair.

❖ A proprietary, botanically derived blend featuring Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, known as Procapil™️ + Wasabi, Tomato and Apple Extracts + Biotin + 3 Amino Acids.
❖ Wasabi extract stimulates the dermal papilla cells to better develop hair follicles.
❖ Biotin and 3 Amino Acid residues stimulate collagen synthesis.
❖ Tomato + apple extract aids cells rejuvenation + reduces ageing of the scalp + hair.

❖ A powerful leave-in treatment featuring Procapil™️.
❖ Reduces the signs of hair loss + boosts growth of thicker + stronger hair.
❖ Promotes anchoring of the hair follicle by strengthening its structure + metabolism.
❖ Increases blood circulation within the scalp.
❖ Increases production of amino acids essential for keratin production to boost regrowth and hair quality.
❖ Increases cellular binding elements in the scalp which block the effects of DHT.
❖ Sustainable, antioxidant-rich ingredients.
❖ Drug Free + Residue Free + Vegan + Gentle on Scalp.
❖ Fast Absorbing + Lightweight + Fragrance Free.
❖ For use on wet or dry hair.

The difference between Iles Formula and other brands is the instant repair they deliver without coating the hair with any substances that over time build up and create a counter effect of breakage. Iles Formula delivers phenomenal repair results immediately.