Soniclear Sensitive Skin Brush by Michael Todd Beauty

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Color Grey

Perfect for sensitive skin.

Experience a thorough yet extra gentle sonic cleanse with the super soft round-tipped bristles of Michael Todd’s Delicate Sensitive Skin Brush Head. Antimicrobial protected brush guards against 99% of bacteria that can form on brushes between use. Suitable for all skin types but ideal for Sensitive, Dry and Combination Skin. Also, the Soniclear's antimicrobial brushes stay cleaner, fresher for 6 months before needing to be replaced. An industry first, traditional sonic skin cleansing systems do not provide this protection.

Soniclear uses antimicrobial brushes to guard against stain and odor causing bacteria. FOREO and PMD cleansing devices do not.

*Not compatible with Classic Soniclear or CLARISONIC models.

❖ Sensitive skin friendly
❖ Antimicrobial
❖ Removes dirt, sweat, makeup and oil,
❖ Unclogs pores

❖ For use with Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear system
❖ Replace brush head after 6 months of use

Michael Todd Beauty is developing innovative beauty tools backed by science and driven by the belief that everyone should have access to simple, spa-quality treatments from the comfort of home at the best price.