Aesthetician Beauty Favorites: Abby's Must-Have Products

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Every aesthetician at Bellini's skin type is different, which is why we love highlighting the routines our aestheticians use! We asked Abby what her go-to products are in store for her combination skin.

I love the Phytomer Oligopur Cleanser because it is a purifying cleanser for breakout and acne-prone skin but doesn't leave my skin feeling tight. 

My skin absolutely loves SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF. This is my go-to vitamin c because the additional salicylic acid fights acne while combating aging and sun damage.

I use Yonka Creme 93 every day, because it is mattifying while still giving me the moisture my skin needs. 

SkinCeuticals AOX+ Eye Gel is the best eye gel I have ever used! 

One of my most-loved products is SkinCeuticals Daily Brightening UV Defense SPF. I love this product because it is both a SPF and a brightening moisturizer, which means I don't have to layer additional products on top. I don't like putting a lot of products on my face during the day, so I like that m getting it all in one product.

As far as scents, I love Initio's Musk Therapy, because it's an elevated version of a scent I always wore when I was younger. I especially love the mandarin notes. 

Abby's beauty advice is: "love your skin for it to look lovely."

Abby is originally from Philadelphia, and made her way to Oregon 4 years ago to change her scenery. Since living in Portland, Abby has discovered her love of skincare, and has established a goal of helping people love and feel comfortable in their skin. After hours she loves cuddling with her cat, watching reality tv, and engaging with pop culture.

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