What Makes XMF Special?

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Marine Biotechnology

With the new arrival of two XMF products, the team at Bellini's wants to elaborate on the effectiveness of the Pionnière XMF line. The star of this range is the XMF marine sugar, which has the power to smooth wrinkles within one hour. Pionnière XMF is the ingredient for which Phytomer's premium anti-aging line is named, as it enhances and restores the youth and beauty of the most discerning women and men. XMF is a 100% natural complex marine sugar, which are the by-product of a specific micro-algae. Complex sugars are what our cells use for energy, and thus the XMF line is readily absorbed into the skin.

This unique sugar offers exceptional youthful properties, instantly smooths wrinkles, and redensify the skin over the long term. Phytomer's exclusive XMF ingredient acts at the heart of the skin to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. Discover our selection of Phytomer products and indulge your skin in all the benefits of the sea.

XMF Masque

Complete your beauty routine with Phytomer's newest development in anti-aging skin care. Plump, moisturize, and redensify your skin over time for an even more youthful complexion. This mask integrates a smoothing masque, a gentle exfoliant, and an anti-aging treatment into your skincare ritual.

To Use: Twice a week, apply to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 10 minutes, then exfoliate with circular movements, and rinse excess with water.

XMF Creme Supreme

At the cutting edge of marine biotechnology, Phytomer's Creme Supreme is both effective and enjoyable to use, restoring skin to its natural health and beauty. The 100 % natural biotech active ingredient (XMF) smooths and redensifies skin incorporated into a "second skin" cream which smooths away wrinkles in just 1 hour.

To Use: Apply morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed face and neck.

The Story of Phytomer

The XMF marine sugar was discovered off the coast of Britany by Phytomer Scientists, and there is no equivalent to this technology. To collect the marine sugar, Phytomer laboratories have an eco-responsible harvesting method and cultivation system. The microorganisms ferment and release the marine sugars. Then, the XMF is purified without the use of chemical solvents. Watch this video to learn more about the story of Phytomer.

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