Enhance Your Date Night

Enhance Your Date Night

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Find a Place for Your Wild Side

Looking to dress up for a special night? Don’t forget your final accessory: perfume

Perfume has a way of changing our perceptions, and thoughts arise from notes that linger in our memories. You have the ability to both recall and create memories using the power of scent. Make tonight special. 

Everyone experiences life, and fragrance, differently, so it’s only natural to spend time searching for a perfume to play the part. 

Because scent is so closely tied to memory, it is natural to be intimidated by the thought of gifting perfume to those you love. People are multifaceted, and trying to pin down only one scent to a personality is limiting. Even Marilyn Monroe, who famously said she only wore Chanel No.5 to bed (and nothing else), was found to have a secret adoration for another scent. 

To compliment our varied personalities, Bellini’s has crafted sets of perfume for anyone. There is something incredibly special about having someone pick out a scent for you, so why not provide this experience for the one you love? Get a set of minis and explore the scents together to find the one you both love.

Explore Together 

What's your mood? Emotions vary throughout the day, and you might review a scent in a different light in the day versus the night. That's why we always recommend trying a perfume out for several days before settling on your decision. We've included a "wild card" in each set for this reason, so you can push your boundaries and maybe find something you didn't know you liked. For a limited time, our valentine's sets will include a $25 off coupon to use towards a full size perfume.

Bold and Daring

The Bold and Daring set features a mix of spicy and woody fragrances ideal for any gender, as well as for perfume-lovers who are looking to expand their niche experience.

The set features Initio’s Oud for Greatness and Parfums de Marly’s Kalan as pillars of spice and oud that the rest of the set reverberates between. A blend of black tea, cardamom, and leather from Olfactive Studio’s Leather Shot provides a slightly cooler approach to spice, whereas Olibere’s Midnight Spirit blends cooling basil with grassy spices like tarragon and coriander to capture the feeling of a gust of wind hitting your hot face after a night of fun. To finish the set, Olibere’s Savannah’s Heart offers a complete woody experience - featuring a variety of African trees, Savannah’s Heart will transport you to an open landscape with beautifully dense bark lining the trees. 

Hot and Sexy

If you’re feeling Hot and Sexy, then you’ll want to pay attention to these aromatic ambers and floral ouds.

Slightly sweetened by praline, Parfums de Marly’s Haltane is an oud that beckons you closer. In comparison to Initio’s Oud for Greatness, Haltane is slightly more botanical with the addition of Clary Sage and saffron, and was created specifically for spring romance. Draw the curtains and make the bed, because Olfactive’s Chambre Noire (translated: black room) is pulling you in. Wisps of patchouli dance with boozy plums and leather for a nod to vintage perfume. Following this is Olibere’s Il Mio Segreto, a watery, spiced peach and ylang-ylang medley. Much like the white flowers it utilizes, Il Mio Segreto draws you in by the pull of scent. Rounding off the set is Initio’s Atomic Rose and Parfums de Marly’s Delina Exclusif, which are two widely different interpretations of rose. Atomic Rose is a dirtier scent, and smells like the thorns and stems of a rose as well, whereas Delina Exclusif revolves around heavy red rose petals.

Fun and Flirty

For the times you’re feeling Fun and Flirty, you may be enticed by fresh florals that brighten your aura.

Let’s begin by playing in the rain - Olibere’s Balinesque transports you to a fresh, slightly breezy paradise. On the wind, spices like ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon are carried by aqueous notes and bamboo sap, leaving you with a sense of peace. Balinesque is a fresh, green, and simply elegant perfume you are sure to have never experienced before. Walking over to a country garden, Olibere’s Le Jardin de Amelie is like biting into a fresh raspberry. The juicy berry is complimented by natural tartness, just like in this perfume, and is rounded out with light notes of rose and violet. If you have never smelled violet before, you surely will need to try out Olfactive Studio’s Violet Shot. Their Shot line is dedicated to providing the truest, fullest experience of the scent - such as leather or violet. Violet Shot uses watery notes to highlight the tenderness of the violet, and stays light and green with a hint of sensuality from madagascar vanilla bean. If you’re looking for something a little less bright and green, you will want to pay attention to Initio’s Rehab. Reminiscent of ferns and foliage mixed with a hint of lavender, Rehab is a creamy floral laying on top a bed of sandalwood. On the other side of the spectrum is Parfums de Marly’s Delina la Rosee, which features aquatic notes and a subtle sweetness from lychee and pears. Imagine fresh dew drops on a delicate rose petal - that’s Delina la Rosee. 

Whatever notes strike your fancy, you are sure to have fun playing around with our curated ranges. Have a great night tonight!



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