Valentine's Candles for Every Affair

Valentine's Candles for Every Affair

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Fragrance evokes powerful emotions - nostalgia, excitement, love - and creates unforgettable memories. Celebrate the season of romance with a thoughtfully chosen fragrance that will take you on an enchanting journey through memory lane with your loved one.

Moodcast's New Crush Candle ($28)

 Moodcast Fragrance Co. has a line of candles inspired by the best moments in life. The New Crush candle is a great gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

❖ Aromatic fragrance notes

❖ Lovely heart-fluttering buzz

❖ Makes memories last forever

Charles Farris Garden of Eden and Elizabeth Candles ($34+)

"White flowers are the most fragrant - and typically the most sensual - kind of flower. Due to their lack of colour, they draw bees to them with their powerful fragrance instead. White flowers also bloom at night, which gives them a rather romantic appeal." - Charles Farris Website

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your love with something special. If you're unsure of what to give, Charles Farris has two standout fragrances that make a great choice: Elizabeth and Garden of Eden. Composed of luxurious white flowers - jasmine and tuberose, respectively - each candle will make your home smell like spring, ushering in the warmer months to come. What's more, luxury scented candles are an excellent gift for anyone, and these two special scents are sure to impress.

Coreterno Love Candle ($44)

We're here because we believe there's a deeper meaning behind every object. We want you to feel that too – so when you light a Coreterno candle, know it represents never surrendering in the fight for love. Keep on keeping on because you were born to love and you have to share your gift to the world.

Coreterno Candles are crafted using organic wax and offer a scentless experience. The Coreterno story is about true love, passion for ancient knowledge, uniquely crafted possessions, breathing new life into inanimate objects, letting people discover the mystery and soul healing power in each candle.

❖ Made from sustainable materials

❖ Reduce negative energy through light therapy

❖ Unique design candles

LUMIRA Balinese Ylang Ylang Candle ($70)

Lumira candles are hand-poured and have a beautiful, romantic scent. The candles come with an elegant box to make them look like a gift from the get-go. Balinese Ylang Ylang candle is a sensual and romantic fragrance that harnesses the aphrodisiac properties of golden ylang-ylang flowers. It's designed to be used when you need an atmosphere of romance or relaxation, but can also be enjoyed as a luxurious home fragrance.

❖ Fresh thyme leaf gives off a light herbal scent

❖ Hypnotic fragrance created from flowers traditionally used by Indonesian brides

❖ Jasmine sambac and black orchid are used to create an aphrodisiac effect

❖ Incense adds depth and smokiness

Carriere Freres La Rose Aime La Menthe Candle ($75)

No matter what time of year it is, we always want fresh scents filling our homes. The Carrières Freres La Rose Aime la Menthe is a Valentine's Day candle that promises to fill your home with a romantic bouquet of florals, sans actual flowers.

❖ fills the room with a bouquet of roses and fresh mint that lasts longer than fresh flowers

❖ Delicately scented, this candle is sure to please even those who don't usually like floral fragrances

Scent is a special sense, and gifting a candle makes an excellent present for either yourself or your beloved on Valentine's Day. You can also shop our entire candle collection here if there is another scent profile that piques your interest. 

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