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Your Green Beauty Utopia

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Eco Friendly Haircare Brands

Without question, we only carry haircare brands that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of harsh or toxic ingredients, but we also look for brands that make a difference in the world. It is easy to just use natural ingredients without creating a system that sustains and replaces itself, but Bellini's has higher standards. We seek for the niche, the unpolluted, and the transformative in an industry oversaturated with formulations that don't work or that even create new problems.

Both ILES Formula and Rahua Beauty are pioneers in the field, and up until recently have been hidden industry secrets. The true test of a brand is how it fares in the consumer market, and we're happy to see the world getting on board with green beauty. Here's how these brands contribute to the world:

ILES Formula

Formulate less and do it extremely well.

Upon starting the brand, ILES has been committed to both customers and the planet. Some of their pillars are to create high performance products with minimal impact on the environment, and to continue influencing sustainability standards as technologies evolve.

Leaping Bunny Certification Badge

We love Leaping Bunny! ILES Formula Formula is accredited with the Leaping Bunny certification, meaning they do not test on animals at any stage of production or distribution.

Butterfly Mark Certification Badge

You may have heard about Leaping Bunny, but did you know there is another internationally recognized symbol for brands called the Butterfly Mark? The Butterfly Mark identifies brands that meet the highest standards of verified ESG+ performance (environmental, social, governance, and innovation). You can learn more about the assessment here.

ILES Formula is certified as a ‘Brand to Trust’ in recognition of the measurable impact and commitment to sustainability that ILES makes as a luxury brand. For example, all of ILES packaging is 100% recyclable and free from microplastics. At this time, the packaging is not make from recycled plastic as the current technologies in our world prevent recycled plastic from being recycled again, or it will become microplastics. A common route for recycled plastics is to become clothing instead of being reduced to microplastics. This is a pain point that ILES is continually working on, and aims to develop a packaging solution that minimizes the impact on the planet.


ILES Formula owes its formulation to the extraordinary diversity of the Amazon Rainforest. Many of ILES ingredients are sourced sustainably, directly from the forest floor. To maintain the delicate ecosystem, ILES plants native trees back into the Amazon each month.

 Before ILES After ILES


Rahua Amazonian Beauty

Rahua is Rainforest Grown Beauty. Rahua seeks to preserve centuries of tradition, wisdom and culture, as well as the biodiversity and landscape, of the Amazon rainforest. They have been around for over 10 years and use powerful rainforest plants—not chemicals—for superior haircare performance that heal and transform. It's not just a topical treatment (although the aromatherapy is divine), Rahua truly changes your hair and scalp health. 

We created the Rahua brand to preserve and honor unique cultural rituals and traditional, sustainable ways of life that protect the rainforest and its people. —Fabian, Rahua Founder

It's a given that Rahua would use sustainably packaged and sourced ingredients and bottles, so we'll be focusing on a few other aspects that you might not know about.


Rahua supports the non-profit organization Ecoagents® and their current Pink Flamingo Project focusing on the Galapagos Islands Isabela and Santa Cruz. 10% of proceeds from their Enchanted Island Collection goes to protecting and preserving miles of Galapagos coastlines and ecosystems. In addition to funding, Rahua works with locals to clean up tons of plastic bottles and fibers that wash up ashore.

Besides improving ocean health, this work keeps vital nesting grounds clean for flamingos, penguins, marine iguanas, sea birds and other precious creatures. Ensuring continuation and survival of the vibrant Galapagos coastal area is incredible important, not just for scientific reasons, but also for preserving the integrity of our world.


One of the pillars that differentiates Rahua from other brands is their inclusion of native populations. Their desire to preserve the jungle, its cultures and communities, is not just the inspiration, it's the driving force behind Rahua. When traveling through the Amazon, Fabian was fascinated with the women's hair -- which he found out was primarily thanks to the rahua oil. From then on, Rahua has focused on harmless harvesting and sustaining indigenous populations' traditional way of life. One of the everyday ways they do this is by offering above fair-trade prices to help create and maintain a self-sustained economy.

Rahua helps native communities protect and preserve oxygen producing trees in the rainforest via continual education. All ingredients are harvested using traditional methods by the people who live in the rainforest, and have inherited the trees. This allows for great care to be given to each sprout. 


Did you know that it takes approximately 25 years for newly planted trees to give off a necessary amount of oxygen?

There are a variety of reasons why Rahua only uses non-toxic, clean, plant-based materials. From preventing waterway pollution to giving our hair the nutrients it needs - natural just makes sense. Using natural products requires having a sustainable approach to production, and Rahua knocks it out of the park.

"Not only do we help protect existing trees, but we also plant Palo Santo seedlings with the help of local communities so these precious ingredients continue to flourish. Our Palo Santo is only obtained from naturally fallen, weather-aged wood, never harvested live trees."

Partnering with Amazonian Indigenous natives in the rainforest, Rahua has full protection and preservation of roughly 150,000 acres of pristine (primary) rainforest. This results in over 5 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) being pulled out of the air, which both gives oxygen back to our earth as well as making Rahua a carbon neutral company.

Want to read about our skincare brands sustainability? Check it out here! We will be adding another post about our fragrances and candles, so stay tuned!

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