About the Birds and the Bees...

About the Birds and the Bees...

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Eco Friendly Skincare Brands

All the skincare brands we carry are not only pioneers in the field, professional quality, efficacious, and produce results, they are also eco-friendly and eco-conscious. All our brands use eco-friendly packaging, have gardens that filter and produce their products, and take steps to change worldwide distribution chains for the better.

These days, there is a lot of focus on finding clean, green, organic, vegan, and eco-friendly brands. At Bellini's, we only carry products that are good for you and easy on the environment. All of our skincare brands are small batch, are extensively tested for reactivity, and are of professional quality. These skincare brands produce results, which is why each brand has such a variety of products - because each one is designed for a specific skin type, condition, age, and lifestyle. The possibilities are endless! We will have a blog post in the future revolving around green/clean beauty and skincare. In the meantime, here is how each of our skincare brands make a difference in the world! 


Yon-Ka Paris is consistently looking for ways to give back and preserve Mother Nature for future generations. They have rigorous sourcing techniques to ensure all ingredients are free of synthetics and GMOs when put through the extraction process. Yon-Ka Paris stands by the EU certification, and does not use any harmful ingredients at any stage of production or distribution. We also love their dedication to saving the bees, and want to share some of the other steps they’ve taken to protect the environment. 


Yonka sources plant-based active ingredients while respecting biodiversity and the people. Paired with an increasingly eco-friendly production site, Yonka's initiatives are an example of how skincare brands can be. Yonka truly strives to be an industry leader in saving the planet by being more eco-friendly in their production and formula methods -- they are doing much more than just planting trees. People often question if naturals ingredients are as effective as synthetics. In reality, synthetic ingredients are a cheaper and more predictable alternative to natural ingredients, which are much more expensive and delicate to work with. The benefit of natural vs synthetic is that natural sources help supply your skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs to be radiant looking and beautiful.


A continually developing endeavor, Yonka uses 100% recyclable boxes, tubes, glass bottles, and leaflets (which will soon be eliminated). Any leaflet produced uses plant-based ink and cardboard from forests sustainably managed by one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies. Yonka has already started to remove leaflets and begin printing instructions on the inside of their boxes, such as with their newest acne treatment - the SOS Spot!


Yonka is committed to saving the bees and preserving biodiversity. One of the ways they do this is through funding French flower fields that supply healthy nectars and pollen for pollinators throughout the year. In addition to year-round donations and involvement, Yonka always repackages their best-selling toner, Yonka Lotion, with limited-edition packaging to promote saving the bees.


Some of the words Phytomer uses to describe themself are: Organic, Wild, Eco-Friendly. They pride themselves in being able to use wild, organic, or sustainable marine ingredients to deliver the sea’s immeasurable benefits to your skin. Operating in 80 countries, they meet the tolerance, safety and quality standards of the world’s most demanding regulatory authorities. Not only do they constantly aim to raise awareness of the urgent need to protect our oceans, they meticulously choose each products’ ingredients to ensure the safety, efficacy and enjoyment of use. Plus, all their products are then systematically controlled by independent laboratories. How many brands can you say go through third-party testing? 


Nature is at the heart of Phytomer's products, and they strive to protect and respect it at each stage of production. For the harvest of algae, Phytomer works closely with a network of local partners who ensures complete respect of harvest sites, seasons and reproduction periods. Each day, the Phytomer team is working to develop green methods for extracting the most powerful natural active molecules that can be found in the sea. For the rare instances Phytomer needs to use a synthetic ingredient, they make sure it is free of any toxic materials, is non-irritating, and is proven efficacious by dermatologists. Try carrying the ocean with you with Phytomer's Marine Mist!


How much do skin cells and algae have in common? Throughout its time of earth, algae has remained relatively unchanged. Interestingly enough, your skin is able to recognize and absorb marine-derived ingredients easier than other compounds, and is what Phytomer calls "Bioaffinity." Phytomer has perfected biotechnological cultivation programs to produce cutting-edge marine ingredients that are 100% natural and enable them to ensure exceptional quality and purity levels. They focus extensively on developing sustainable algae cultivation and promoting marine biodiversity while optimizing product performance. Their newest release, the Oligo 6 Marine Concentrate, is a development 50 years in the making, and is a moisturizing gel ideal for tired or dull complexions that improves hydration overtime. 



Whenever possible, Phytomer uses plant-based and recyclable materials and limits plastic use. They use packaging made with natural paper from sustainably managed forests, recyclable plant-based tubes and glass jars. In addition, the French based company uses locally-sourced ingredients from Brittany with respect for both the sea and the marine farmers who supply us.


Not only has SkinCeuticals paved the way for cosmeceuticals (a product between a cosmetic and pharmaceutical), but they also are constantly redefining what it means to be an American Made brand. Combining quality craftsmanship and research with industry-leading developments, SkinCeuticals has easily earned their widely-acclaimed status, and is just one of the many reasons why SkinCeuticals is also recommended by dermatologists. SkinCeuticals has three sustainability pillars: to prevent waste and incorporate sustainable packaging solutions, correct and reduce our environmental footprint, and to protect and advance the sustainability profile of their formulas. 


At the end of 2021, SkinCeuticals committed to utilizing recycled glass in their serum bottles, with the goal of decreasing consumption of virgin glass by 100 tons (based on 2020 volume). Since SkinCeuticals is the #1 vitamin c serum worldwide*, it is easy to imagine how much of a difference this simple change makes. *we're extrapolating because every vitamin c serum uses SkinCeuticals' vitamin c study, which you can see here.


In 2020, virgin plastic made up 19% of SkinCeuticals total packaging material consumption, meaning the remaining 81% of products produced were made of recycled material. To further develop this, SkinCeuticals 2025 goal is to have 50% of all products stored in packaging made of recycled or bio-based materials - this includes products on store shelves, hiding in warehouses, you name it. A few years ago, consumers in the US market realized the addition of micro-plastics in their skincare was causing issues for the world at large. We are proud to say that SkinCeuticals (and every brand we carry) is plastic microbead and microplastic free! SkinCeuticals' physical exfoliators include diatomaceous earth, pumice, and hydrated silica.


SkinCeuticals is committed to improving the sustainability profile of their formulas. They focus on reducing water footprint during production, sourcing more renewable ingredients, increasing biodegradability (of rinse-off formulas), and leveraging green chemistry where possible. To improve supply chain models, SkinCeuticals restricts the production of key products to 3 continents (North America, South America, and Europe), in order to reduce environmental impacts from international freighting. 


From the first seed planted on the Jurlique Farm, they have remained connected to their sustainable roots, dedicating years to mastering sustainable farming principles and caring for the farm as an integrated, living organism. They are actively looking to reduce the amount of materials used, and increase the use of recyclable skin care packaging in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Smell the Jurlique rose for yourself in a lip balm, shower gel, cream, soap, hand or body lotion.


Since 2016, Jurlique has changed the packaging materials of their best-selling hand creams – from aluminum to plastic tubes – which has led to an approximately 28% lower impact on our environment. Grab a quartet of hand creams in Citrus, Jasmine, Rose, and Lavender in a vibrant, floral box!


A cornerstone of the Jurlique brand is their biodynamic farming technique. They believe this process harnesses all the positive, living energies from Nature, as well as farming in the most sustainable way possible. Biodynamic plants are grown in living soil, which provides a quality of health and nutrition not possible with chemical fertilizers or hydroponic growing. Biodynamic farms generate their own fertility through a variety of techniques, such as crop rotation and integrating animals. For example, the Jurlique farm has kangaroos that bounce around the property!


Jurlique cares for the planet. Their goal is to analyze and reduce their environmental impact through the whole supply chain - from farm to bottle. Jurlique has moved the majority of our shipment from air-freight to sea-freight, which offers significant emissions savings. Since 2015, this freight management initiative has enabled Jurlique to reduce approximately 20% of emissions from transport. Wow! 

These are just the skincare brands we carry, are we will be releasing more blog posts in the future focusing on the rest of our lines. We will have another post about our candle brands, hair and body care, as well as all about of perfumes! Thank you for reading.

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