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Hello everyone,

First off, I want to say thank you to all our clients for choosing Bellini’s as your treatment provider. We are truly lucky to have connections with all of you, and love to see the progress we have made in your lives.

With that being said, I want to highlight some of the amazing progress my team has made in 2022. The standards we have at Bellini’s are unlike other spas in that we pride ourselves in efficient, detailed results that align with our clients’ skincare journey. One of the ways we do this is by using our rigorous apprenticeship program where aestheticians spend over two years in intense education and practice.

About The Apprenticeship

I started this apprenticeship program at the beginning of 2021 because I feel the level of education that beauty schools provide is not comprehensive enough. In order to be an effective aesthetician and to provide the level of treatment and services our clients’ associate with Bellini’s, we spend countless hours researching, in hands-on training sessions, practicing delicate and nuanced movements, and learning about each one of our clients’ individual preferences. My goal with this program is to change beauty standards by having knowledgeable aestheticians that can provide customized services and recommendations for anyone. Regardless of your Fitzpatrick type, skin concerns, and skin condition, you should get matched with the proper product for you. With this program, I know that I am changing the service industry one facial at a time.
Skin is complex, and being able to understand the difference between skin type and skin condition, as well as the overlapping influence between the two, is just the beginning of the journey. In addition, our aestheticians are trained and kept up-to-date with: the muscle structure of the face, what changes occur throughout the aging process both physically and chemically, understanding what each product’s ingredients are and how they interact with each skin type and condition, as well as the simple subtly of touch – these skills are what set Bellini’s aestheticians apart from the rest, and are requirements before they can start getting booked.
I am explicit about the length of the apprenticeship program before bringing anyone on as an aesthetician, which means the people that begin the journey are truly dedicated to their craft. Continual skill refinement and a desire to learn are two core aspects of working at Bellini’s. It has been wonderful to watch this team grow and develop together, and I’m excited to share a few updates about their progress.

A Look at Our Team 

Eliza is the daughter of a masseuse, and has learned how to pair hand movements with both relaxation and results. She is gentle, kind, and has incredible hands. Her European approach to services aligns seamlessly with our results-driven treatments at Bellini’s. In addition to having a great demeanor and being pleasant to be around, she is passionate about education and helping her clients. Eliza naturally has a holistic approach, and she engages her clients to reflect on their lifestyle and how it affects the skin. She honestly wants the best for everyone, and pours her energy into each person she meets. You will never be disappointed. Recently, Eliza went to Salt Lake City, Utah, to Phytomer’s headquarters for an in-depth weekend training. This training focused specifically on the ingredients and results of their XMF line. 

Jillian is called an Advanced Aesthetician, meaning she has gone to an additional level of schooling and has a license to perform procedures using lasers and needles. With Jillian's skill set, we will be adding micro-needling and eyebrow lamination services in the near future. Her skill set is invaluable to Bellini’s because of her attention to detail and relentlessness for results. Jillian hunts for answers, and is not satisfied until she has got it. She has a beautiful energy and is developing exceedingly fast at her craft. Since coming to Bellini's, Jillian has spearheaded several projects. Earlier in March, our team was certified Skin Experts by the Skin Cancer Foundation to identify suspicious moles, and she was able to get us a 3000x magnifying device and connection to a dermatologist so that we can provide this service to our clients.

Abby is patient, tenacious, and  treats everyone with kindness. One of her favorite things to do during a facial is the extractions because she says it’s “satisfying” to remove them. I think that speaks to her personality, and that she leaves no stone unturned. Plus, she has a great attitude and willingness to learn that I admire. She is attentive to her clients, and is able to cater her techniques to their preferences. Earlier this month, Abby became PCA Skin certified to perform chemical peel services. This certification takes approximately two weeks to finish, and is followed by an in-person training. Abby also attended the SkinCeuticals “The Drop” training, which was focused on the ingredients and effects of the new Phyto A+ moisturizer. In addition to skill set development or brand identity training, we take courses and read analytics about each products’ efficacy as they come out and throughout the year.

I am so incredibly happy and beyond delighted with my staff. All of their facial massages are wonderful and highly technical, and their extractions are thorough. Everyone at Bellini’s is continually refining their nuanced understanding and analysis of the skin. They each have a different approach to touch, so you are sure to find your perfect aesthetician. Again, I don’t bring just anyone on to be an aesthetician, and not just anyone is willing to begin an intense apprenticeship. Before even getting into the room, there is a base level of service that I require, so you can always rest assured you are always getting a consistent level of exceptional service.

These past few years have definitely been a rollercoaster. It has been wonderful to watch these women grow into the professionals they are, and even lovelier to know that they chose to be here and grow. I know that my team is exceptional, and I look forward to this new chapter of my career as a mentor.

- Sonia Bellini

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