Aesthetician Beauty Favorites: Eliza's Must-Have Products

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Everyone has different skin, and our aestheticians at Bellini's are no different. We're taking a moment to highlight the top 5 products from Bellini's that Facial Specialist Eliza loves. Eliza is originally from the Ukraine and has combination to dry skin. She is classified as Fitzpatrick type 3 with thin skin, meaning that she has white-to-olive skin, tans easily, and rarely burns. With that in mind, let's get into her top 5!

My top 5 products that I will be always carrying with me?

Of course the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic vitamin c. This is a life changing product. Since I try it, I will never step back. This transforms the skin by prevent and repair sun damage.

My toner is Lotion Yonka PG. It is like a "spa in a bottle." Smells incredible, very botanical to rebalance not only your skin but also soul.

Oligomer Pure from Phytomer is a lyophilized sea water bath. When you don't have the time to going to vacation, this is what can bring the sea in your home. Ideal opportunity to relax, rebalance, and re-energize every cell in your body.

PCA Hyaluronic Lip Balm plumps the lips immediately. Love the feeling after I applied and it does not get sticky on the lips.

My favorite fragrance is Musk Therapy from Initio. This is a super sexy, fizzy, creamy perfume. Perfect combination of musk, citrus, and hedione*. I can't get get enough of it, it's for when you wanna bring the "Megan Fox sexy vibe" in the bottle. 

Eliza's beauty advice? "Four to five drops of SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic massaged in before moisturizer and sunscreen every morning will transform your skin." 

This blog was written by Facial Specialist Aesthetician, Eliza Palamarchuk. Eliza has been an aesthetician for almost a decade, and is specialized on European techniques. European based treatments are focused on results, which is exactly what Bellini's aims for. Bellini's was originally named "Bellini's European Day Spa," so it is a perfect circle to have Eliza here.

*Hedione is a chemical compound formulated after jasmine. Described as "a fresh floral fragrance reminiscent of jasmine with green nuances" by 

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