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Create Ambiance with Mad et Len

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Founded in 2007, Mad et Len uses all natural materials to create unique scents inspired by nature. Handcrafted in the French Alps, this luxury home decor brand is known for its attention to detail, from its selection of fragrances to its sleek black packaging with gold-leaf detailing. Indulge in unique creations from this French collection. Created to set the mood in your home, at work, or wherever you would like to add ambiance.

Mad et Len Potpourri Large Totem Rose

A beautiful selection pink crystals, non-scented, presented in the iconic Mad et Len brushed iron vessel. You can scent the crystals with your desired fragrance oil, creating a unique potpourri experience– or simply enjoy the Totem unscented as an Objet d'Art.

Mad et Len products are handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, in small batches. This medium sized totem (4.75 x 2 inches) features the oversized square sculpture handle and pink crystals. The 15ml fragrance oil refills are sold separately. 

Handmade steel vessel and black steel lid with totem “handle”. The largest size in the Potpourri Apothicaire family. hand-applied gold foil label.

Mad et Len Lava and Crystal Pot Pourri

Mad et Len Lava Rock + Crystal Potpourri features scent-infused lava rocks from the Sahara Desert, nestled in Mad et Len's signature hand-made brushed metal vessel. Includes a 50 ml eye-dropper bottle of scented refresher oil to keep the scent flowing. Beautiful large, square pot pourri. Made in France.

Mad et Len Spirituelle Amber Pot Pourri Rectangle

Unique resin crystal pot pourri with rustic charm. This vegetal amber pot pourri and scent refresher is vegan, cruelty free, and handmade ethically. Scented with the invigorating and purifying scent of mint, these scented vegetal amber rocks are housed in a hand-forged iron box that can make a lasting decoration even after the scent is gone. When the perfumed vegetal resinoid needs a refresh, simply drop a few drops of perfume refill onto it. A scent of refreshment, depth, and adventure. 1100 g. Made in France.

Resin Potpourri features scent-infused amber resin crystals, presented in a brushed metal tin from the luxury collection. Sold with a 15ml eyedropper bottle of scented liquid to refresh the crystals.

Mad et Len Terre Noire Tourmaline Potpourri

Rich, aromatic tourmaline rocks with sharp, earthy aroma and notes of bark and oak. Includes scented oil to promote lasting smell. Housed in blackened iron box with gold leaf lettering. Tourmaline. Made in France.

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