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How to reduce puffiness

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Puffiness can be a common unpleasant occurrence. However puffiness or puffy red eyes don’t have to bring your mood down. We outlines how you can quickly ease your symptoms and stock up on products to help next time you’re experiencing puffiness.

The key to reducing puffiness is to cool the area and move the fluid away from the area.

1. Apply a cold compress
A cold compress can help reduce swelling. Simply grab a clean washcloth and wet it with cool water. Sit up in bed or in a comfortable chair. Apply the wet washcloth to puffy area for a few minutes, using gentle pressure.

3. Gently tap or massage the area to stimulate blood flow
You can work to increase blood flow to the affected area by gently tapping or massaging around the puffy area.

Work the pressure points around the area for a few seconds before sweeping your fingers around the area. This helps drain the inflamed area.

Then tap at your sinuses using two fingers on each hand, starting on either side of your nose and working outward. You may even feel fluid moving in this area.
It’s all about moving fluid, so you may also want to gently massage the lymph nodes in your neck. Work in a downward motion, away from your face.
Continue for about 3 minutes, and repeat as needed.

5. Use an eye roller
Eye cooling gels that are applied using a metal roller ball can also help with inflammation. It describes its application as a “mini massage” that both cools and hydrates. Apply by holding the product much like you would an eye pencil. Sweep it back and forth on the affected area to massage in.

6. Apply a chilled face cream or serum
Cooling down the eye area can help reduce puffiness by constricting blood vessels. Try chilling your favorite face cream or other products, like eye cream, before applying.

We recommend Phytomer Contour Radieux Smoothing and Reviving Eye Mask, which moisturizes, smoothes and eases the eye's contours. The rich, refreshing texture of this mask will bring instant relief to over-tired eyes. Sparkle and brightness are restored.

Another favorite one of ours is Phyto-Contour Anti-Fatigue Contour Cream. This  luxurious anti-aging eye cream is a pampering beauty treatment to invigorate and relieve fatigued eye contours. It stimulates micro-circulation to help eliminate puffiness and dark circles and firm the appearance of the entire eye area.  It is enhanced by the natural toning properties of rosemary for brighter, firmer, more defined contours and reveal a supremely refreshed appearance.

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