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How to Revive Your Hair for Spring

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J​​ust like your wardrobe, your strands are due for a seasonal change. Now that it is officially spring, it is time to relook at our hair care routine and adjust it accordingly. First, we recommend focusing on your scalp health, as well as increasing hydration overall. Keeping your hair and scalp hydrating will prevent split ends and breakage, as well as give a beautiful shine.

Start With the Scalp

Look for a shampoo formula with ingredients that exfoliate, fortify and protect the scalp. If you have color-treated hair, you will want to avoid any products designed to strip or clarify your hair. Clarifying products are useful to remove any build up of dirt and oil, but they can be too harsh to use daily regardless of if you have virgin hair. We recommend switching up the types of products you use in order to maximize their benefits. 

Rahua’s two clarifying shampoos, the Classic and Voluminous, strip excess oil without drying hair and scalp. With organic green tea and ungurahua oil, these shampoos keep hair weightless and extend the time in-between washes.

Hydration is Key

Much like the skin on your body, your hair and scalp need to be adequately hydrated as well. Prepare your hair for the upcoming heat of summer now! Level up your hair routine to be extra-nourishing by using a hydrating shampoo or conditioner. This will both lock in your hair’s moisture and protect it from the sun and environmental damage. Make sure to switch up between a hydrating and a volumizing conditioner to prevent weighing down your hair. We love Rahua’s hair care kit that includes all their shampoo and conditioners in a trial size. This allows you to easily switch up your routine and find the products that best work for you. 

The ILES 3 Step System includes a shampoo, conditioner, and finishing serum designed to restore hair to voluminous, smooth, and detangled perfection. Plus, this system also extends the vibrancy of color-treated hair by strengthening the hair shaft through repairing split ends. This kit is designed for every hair type, from fine and thin, to curly and luscious. Stop weighing down your hair and start loving every strand. To add additional moisture to thick hair, add the ILES Hair Performance Mask into your routine after shampooing and before conditioning.


Treat & Transform

If your hair is severely dehydrated, consider adding a weekly hair mask to your shower routine. After shampooing and before conditioning, apply one of these hair masks for ten to fifteen minutes. You will use the mask in place of the conditioner, otherwise you could weigh down your hair. 

Rahua Omega 9 Mask
Iles Hair Mask
  • Strengthens to ensure hair and scalp health
  • Rejuvenates damaged, dull hair
  • Creates shine
  • All hair types
  • Strengthen hair and scalp
  • Works on hair extensions
  • Safe for use after keratin treatments and chemical procedures
  • All hair types

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