SkinCeuticals SkinScope Event

SkinCeuticals SkinScope Event

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Celebrating the Power of Antioxidants

National Vitamin C day is April 4th! Using a vitamin c will protect your skin from environmental and UV damage, and help reduce fine lines and discoloration. This year, Bellini's is hosting a SkinScope event to bring awareness to the importance of protecting your skin. 

Our Aestheticians will teach you about the unseen damage the sun can cause, and how you can repair, prevent, and protect your skin from past and future sun expose.

SkinScope Event

The SkinScope LED is SkinCeuticals' full-face facial analysis designed to reveal underlying skin concerns before they rise to the surface. The LED-UV light detects fluorescence in skin for clearer identification of skin concerns and conditions not visible in everyday light, including:

  • Normal and healthy skin
  • Dead skin cells
  • Thinner, dehydrated skin
  • Pigmentation and dark spots
  • Oily areas of the face
  • Congested pores and comedones

SkinCeuticals Raffle

From April 4th to the 11th, anyone who purchases SkinCeuticals products from Bellini’s will be automatically entered into the SkinCeuticals’ raffle. Afterwards, five winners will get a $100 SkinCeuticals shopping spree to spend at Bellini's!

The Science of Fluorescence Technology

  • UV light (320-365 nms) is aimed at the skin to reveal hidden damage
  • Skin diagnostic is made based on the visible light reflected
  • If you are unable to come into the store please give us a call, email us, or reach out however is most convenient for you and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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