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Moody, but in the Best Way...

Now available at Bellini's! Moodcast Candles are the perfect introductory candle for the luxury-loving individual. Each candle is strongly scented with a large throw, making it perfect to gift or enjoy by yourself.

"You are not one note. Neither are we. Luminary one moment, Daydreamer the next, each of us has many sides and every one of them deserves to shine. Using the transformative power of scent, our fragrances are designed to create the space for you to connect with yourself in the moment - whichever aspect of yourself that may be. We believe in feeling your feelings. Embracing them even. It’s a personal experience. Moody is a good thing." -Moodcast Candle Co.

What Makes Them Moody?

Moodcast Fragrance Co.’s custom blended fragrances are designed to enhance different moods. Each one is brought to life through a thoughtful selection of layered fragrance notes that cast the mood into the space around you. Their custom coconut wax blend is combined with clean fragrances free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates, leaving only beautifully crafted scents to enjoy. 

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