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Hello, everyone! It is lovely to address you directly. My name is Savannah, and I am the marketing lead at Bellini's Skin and Parfumerie. I am 27 years old, have oily skin, and live in Oregon. With that in mind, here are my top 5 must haves!
  1. ILES shampoo has changed my hair and scalp completely. I have to admit, I do have a habit of unconscious skin picking. This has been a lifelong habit that I had never thought of being able to stop, or at the very least minimize the effects of. I say this because once I started using ILES shampoo, I noticed an immediate softening of both my hair strands and my scalp. To use the shampoo as a scalp conditioner make sure to live in the lather for a few minutes before rinsing out. Great news!! After a few months using ILES shampoo, I'm proud to say I've beaten my habit. In addition to all of this, the ILES shampoo has made my fine hair softer and even a little bouncy! I do have to give an honorable mention to Yonka's Emulsion Pure, which I would use on these areas as well to speed up healing. 
  2. The Zoe Bliss by QYK Sonic is my go-to tool. I mainly use it for cleansing my skin, but have started to use it while in the shower on my torso, as well. Using the Zoe Bliss on your skin helps drain your lymphatic system, which reduces swelling in the facial contours. After a few months with the Zoe Bliss, I definitely notice the hallows of my cheeks being more defined. I was self conscious before about having a rounder face, and I appreciate that I have been able to naturally sculpt my face.
  3. One of the first products I got from Bellini's was the Yonka Phyto 58 PG. I have oily skin, so I use the PG as opposed to the PS. I love the rosemary smell of this moisturizer, and had no idea the positive change that balancing my skin would have. I normally use it at night, but sometimes apply it in the morning to stimulate my face in the morning if I really feel dull.
  4. I will always use RevitaBrow. Having naturally light hair, as well as a few sparse areas, I was not sure what to expect. After about two weeks of consistent use, I noticed my eyebrow hair growing in thicker and darker! My eyebrows have evened out, and I've noticed a substantial difference in my eyebrows when comparing old photos of myself. I've even gifted it to my mom, who went through breast cancer earlier in 2021, and my brother, to use on a bald patch on his head. I will have to update everyone on their individual journeys, but I am quite sure they will see the same success I have.
  5. My favorite sunscreen is the Sun Silk Drops from Coola. I chose this formulation because it reminds me of a Korean sunscreen I used in high school. I specifically love that it is a chemical sunscreen, so it doesn't leave a white cast, and it being a serum consistency is a lovely alternative to apply. I also enjoy the cute purple frosted bottle it comes in. Overall, I really love Coola's chemical sunscreens, but this is my #1.

A few more honorable mentions for SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF and Blemish and Age Defense! Without these, my acne would never have changed. I have always had lots of little bumps on my forehead. I remember being 10 years old and someone said "stop picking those!" (alas, the picking problem was ever prevalent). Blemish and Age was the second product I picked up at Bellini's, and it has definitely made my skin texture go down. I also never realized that I have PIH, meaning that I have red spots hang around on my skin a lot longer than the acne does. So I thought I had a lot more acne than I really did. After incorporating Silymarin CF, these reminders of acne-long-past are packing up their bags and leaving my skin for good. So long, redness!

Written by Savannah Kaufman, Marketing Lead

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